POE 3.9 Glacial Hammer Berserker Build – Budget Friendly League Starter

Hi, and welcome to my first build guide in POE 3.9, Glacial Hammer Berserker! This build is based on the Glacial Hammer strike skill and (Marauder class)Berserker ascendancy. It’s complete off-meta build with a skill that is played by such a small number of players. How about crushing the end-game without any Shaped/Elder items, Watcher’s eye, multimode and do it all with a thick unique two-handed pole like a true heavy-hitting warrior or the north!

Jump to the build pros&cons and video section to see what this is about! Please read the full guide before starting the build.
+ ~7,5K EHP
+ Freezes everything that can be frozen, for like, 4-5 seconds…
+ Culling strike at 30% of the life of frozen monsters
+ very high damage
+ 4 seconds Overleech
+ Passive Endurance and Power charge generation while mapping
+ Tanky
+ blows up packs with one click without Impulse
+ Excels VS high tier rare monsters and bosses
+ Flexible to modify to your taste
+ Good delver
– Can’t do elemental reflect and no leech maps
– Chaos resistance is at -5%, not great not terrible
– No passive regen.
– Has 2-3 seconds windup from standstill to max dps on a single target to generate full Blitz charges.
Warbringer – Pain Reaver – Flawless Savagery – Blitz

BANDITS: Kill them All.
Major God – Soul of Lunaris/Solaris
Minor God – Soul of Yugul
POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/2WcFx46h