Theory on How the BOS Can Be in Fallout 76

At this point, a lot of people understand that the Brotherhood is referenced and in Fallout 76. Many individuals do not care. Many persons are angry that it’s apparently retconning lore around the Brotherhood. For the record, at this point in my understanding of the game, I think Bethesda should really have just designed an entirely new and one of a kind faction. Something like “Army Remnants.” Thinking of you’ll find no human NPCs and they will not have voiced dialogue with NPCs to possess the BoS, they could have really quickly produced a new faction that rose and died out ahead of Vault 76 opened. Having said that, I’d like to post a theory on how BGS could really make us think the Brotherhood would travel across the country at this time within the Fallout globe. For those who are hesitating where to buy FO76 items, U4GM are going to be a good choice.

Theory Fallout 76

For the lore record, most already know: The BOS was made by Roger Maxson on the west coast just after he realized what the US Government was doing with regards to FEV at Mariposa. Right after his unit and their families left Mariposa they traveled to Lost Hills where they established their bunker and order and presumably remained underground till some time inside the 2130s to 2150’s where they began traveling out. Having said that, in line with Bethesda’s new lore, the Brotherhood somehow traveled across the country from California to West Virginia by 2102.

The Brotherhood believes in the preservation of technologies for the preservation of humanity in regards to their prior mistakes. That’s their self-described mission. What technologies could possibly be on the east coast to cause them to travel that far? Properly, we could have noticed it in among the list of early trailers for 76.

Appear for the link beneath and comply with the time stamp and we see what could conveniently be just an easy easter egg, but is quite clearly meant to become the Ballistic Orbital Missile Base 001 or B.O.M.B-001 that would have appeared in Black Isle’s canceled Fallout three codenamed Van Buren. A space station produced by the USA and capable of firing twenty-four nuclear ballistic missiles.

What if the Brotherhood had been tracking the orbit of B.O.M.B only to realize that it fell from orbit and crashed in West Virginia? Any surviving technology from a sophisticated space station that had been capable of launching much more nuclear missiles and, in line with the canceled plot of F3, could happen to be controlled by an AI would certainly be one thing to pique their interest

I realize this is a reach. I could and likely am way off on this, nevertheless, it would a minimum of making some sense for the Brotherhood to threat such a dangerous cross nation mission for the potential of such an advanced piece of technologies that could still be active. Also, it could bring back a seriously cool plot from Black Isle’s incomplete project and pay homage to the creators from the franchise all of us enjoy a lot.