Tips That You Need To Know About The Game Before You Dive Into PoE


Path of Exile has won over many old-school ARPG-fans. Path of Exile has regular content updates, deep and engaging gameplay and a fair business model. For instance, with the release of War For The Atlas, there are some nice tips that you need to know about the game before you dive into the action. By the way, you will have chance to buy cheap PoE currency from U4GM. Today, we will discuss this update’s more details.

Path of Exile

Ctrl + Alt + clicking links an item in chat
Change your Left Click binding to “Move Only”
You can ID and use currencies on Strongboxes
Hideout TPs you to your hideout if you have one
Use Cartographer’s Chisels on common maps only
Holding Alt after mousing over an item shows its level
Divine Orbs only reroll inside the stats current tier/range
Remaining shows the amount of monsters left in the zone
Vendoring a Transmutation Orb results in 4 Wisdom Scrolls
Getting a loot filter increases the games/players QO by a ton
Mapping consistently, while not the fastest, is a very reliable way of gaining currency
Vendoring a Skill Gem + an Orb of Regret results in the Skill Gems level decreasing TO 1
You can control the spread of projectiles by clicking closer to your character or further away
Vendoring a Skill Gem + an Orb of Scouring results in the Skill Gems level decreasing BY 1
Ctrl + clicking on waypoint/next area = screen to reset the instance. Handy for repeatedly farming zones
Vendoring a Scroll of Wisdom + an Orb of Scouring results in a Book of Regression, decreasing your characters level BY 1
Abandon_daily purposely fails your Master mission. Or talking to another master and clicking Abandon.
Autoreply automatically replies with the chosen message to anyone who talks to you. Handy if you’re momentarily busy.
Alch a map and run it, as soon as you have finished, open another and vendor your things while waiting for the portals.

For this update’s some main features, all players are willing to visit here, amazing screenshots, the hottest news and useful guides.