Madden 18: Graphics Are A Great Improvement Over Madden 17

The new update is available now, for a several years, EA was so focused on trying to close the gap between itself and other gameplay, obviously, this year’s one of sport games, Madden 18 got remarkable success. The graphics are good, graphics are perhaps a very sight improvement over Madden 17, and overall this is a much better game. The game almost requires you to buy madden mobile coins and nfl 18 coins, and pay real money to play any of the online game modes they put any effort into improving.

Madden NFL 18

Now, Let’s Take A Look At The Following Details For The Game

Running the football is a joke.
FG and XP simulation is about a 60% success rate
The gameplay is glitching and has frame rate issues
On the All-Madden setting the CPU isn’t smarter, it just screws you over more
The new mode “Longshot” is mostly cut scenes. After sitting through the entire “story” you can’t even play as the character in the NFL.
Corners break to the football the second your QB begins the throwing motion. DL with high ratings can literally never break through.

Frostbite engine was added into the game and added a new story mode Longshot mode. The whole mode is constant cut scenes with a minor amount of actual game play. The hope of players is that the developers of Madden 18 will be able to make a bunch of changes, and they were forced to switch over to the Frostbite engine and they were forced to put in a story mode, so hopefully next year we can see a bunch of the improvements we want to see.

In a word, the game play is much smoother. At least, this year the players seem a little more. As the newest Madden, the game looks a lot better. Every game mode was revamped completely which was surprising. For more Madden 18 news and any further discussions, you can visit here.