Albion Online: 60,000 Players With The Status Of Founder

Due to Sandbox MMP concept based on harvesting, trading, interactions between players and PvP on a large scale, for Albion Online, it’s targeted at a public of players willing to invest for long hours in community to hope to take The control of as many zones as possible to manage the economics of the game. Today, according to the Sandbox Interactive in Berlin, it’s extremely glad to know that reached the 60,000 subscriptions of players with the status of Founder. Do you know where to get cheap albion online silver?


Albion Online Celebrates Its 60,000 Founders

If Albion Online will be offered in free-to-play format at the time of its release, the title proposes different packs of founders to players wishing to invest more deeply in the experience. These packs also represent the means of accessing the various test phases of the title. Since the launch of the closed beta of the game two weeks ago, 60 000 people have thus crossed the pace of the purchase of a founding pack to embark on the adventure. A great success for this title betting its success on a niche audience composed of ultra players invested in the sandbox experience of Albion. For more Albion Online details, please clike here:

To celebrate the event, the studio disseminates a computer graphics with some interesting data such as the number of guilds in play, players killed in PvP or the total constructions carried out by the community. Christian Ziegertn, Operations Manager of the Sandbox Studio would like to thank the players in a statement:

To reach this stage, it’s an incredible feeling, so many people can enjoy the fruits of your work, to that end, we are very appreciated all the support provided by our Founders, on top of that, we will continue our work in close collaboration with our community to continue To improve Albion Online. For players, they are bound to expected buy cheapest albion gold.