RS 3 is at the tail end of a long running

Earlier this year, players participated in a competition to design two of the main NPCs as well as offered suggestions via the forums for other elements for the questline. The result: Birthright of the Dwarves will include both physical battles and mental challenges, and the fate of the Dwarven kingdom rests solely on the players. This questline is also available to all players through the game’s new Bonds system that allows players to purchase membership with in-game gold.

This year, instead of being confined to a typical Halloween event, we’ll try a different update giving an unexpected twist in this major event in October. Add to that new trees, an epic quest of the sixth era and armor level 90 followers Ranged, and you get a month even find Mower deadly!

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RuneScape 3 is at the tail end of a long-running, episodic quest series and the conclusion is launching this week. Dubbed Birthright of the Dwarves, this grandmaster quest actually has many elements that were designed and voted on by the players themselves.