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The Fun Features Of MU Legend Empower The Character In A New Direction

MU Legend also has tons of fun features that need to be explored as well as pets, make upgrades and furnishings to empower the character in a new direction. It’s note to important that PvP and PvE, promising to bring the highest levels between the players together. This also means MU Legend players have to ….  Read More

Webzen Has Confirmed Plans To Open The Worldwide Test Of MU Legend

  Unlike the previous version, in this second version, the graphics of MU Legend is extremely meticulous design, the characters, equipment, and monsters are sharper, more realistic and lively. It’s no wonder that MU Legend is an online game ranked among the blockbuster games are the most popular gamers worldwide. In MU Legend, the skills ….  Read More

Mu Legend & Dark Lord: A Command Or Destruction Type Of Class

Initially, the classes of MU Legend that were introduced seem to be based on the old MU Online character classes. Specifically, War Mage is somewhat similar to Dark Wizzard, Blader is similar to the Dark Knight class, Dark Lord is retained while Whisperer resembles the Elf (archers class). Gamers are fulled with excitement for buying ….  Read More

Gamers Can Enjoy The Mu Legend And Hack & Slash MMORPG Features

According to the developer of Mu Legend, at present, they are developing Mu Legend. They might need to change or improve the game because servicing the game. It is important and need to make it enjoyable for the players. At U4GM, we will try to update news to every one about Mu Legend, and reference ….  Read More

Mu Legend All Characters Are Equipped With AOE Skills At Low Levels

Mu Legend is not really a remake as much as whole new game with some familiar names and similar items and stuff. Accordingly, Mu Legend will be a fast-paced action like hack ‘n’ slash. Not only that, all the characters in the Mu Legend are equipped with AOE skills at low levels and force you ….  Read More

Mu Legend Provides PvP And PvE Focused Content And Events

With the launch of the second global Mu Legend has reached another huge milestone. If you want to bring peace to the world and realize your true potential, then MU Legend is the place to do it. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join arms with friends to take on the endless waves in ….  Read More

U4GM & Mu Legend: Professional Team, Knowledge And Service

Mu Legend, a large number of PVP modes in addition to stunning images. Mu Legend may be a hack-and-slash sequel for you to Mu Online along with includes game play comparable to which associated with internet action-RPGs. Millions of players around the globe have cared deeply regarding regarding over a decade. More Mu Legend information ….  Read More

U4GM Is Trying The Best Have Everyone Satisfied

In Mu Legend, the combat feels smooth and dungeons can be challenging. Gamers also hope they add a lot more classes and content. At the moment MU2 is the good game coming in the near months. More official news and guides about Mu Legend, why not to visit here: https://www.u4gm.com/mu-legend/mu-legend-zen. Are you tired of seeking ….  Read More

The Fifth Class Emphasizer Of Mu Legend And More Details

Mu Legend is a game not only fulfilling the huge potential of the original game, but also applying the latest game trends. For a Western release, we are currently working on bringing the game to the West. Once a concrete schedule is finalized, we will officially announce the upcoming schedule. According to Webzen Head of ….  Read More