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Final Fantasy XIV MMO Log Two: a few cents short of Dragoon

I really hope this week’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV video log: tell you I rise to 30 Lancer Dragoon rebirth of the realm, but I fell short. I BUMMED about, it says a lot about how I feel the game. First of all, let me thank all the wonderful folks who have reached out to me in the game. Whether they just want to say hello, suggesting that they may be one like my work, or just want to express lingering anger I appeal again to launch a disaster, everybody talked to me turned out to be incredibly beautiful . This is kind of ….  Read More

Libra Eorzea: FFXIV official iOS app

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea, its official smartphone application that can be downloaded through the iTunes Store iOS. Application offline games and a full-featured database character outlines audience, more features and Android version, future plans. Game database FINAL FANTASY XIV: LIBRA EORZEA included in the game, including projects, tasks, non-game characters of the NPC, achievements, and more extensive catalog. Will host updates the database works as a useful resource for constantly Final Fantasy XIV adventurer: a realm of rebirth.Here to supply Buy ff14 gil Character Profiles Players active FINAL FANTASY XIV: the realm of rebirth Square Enix account can login account ….  Read More

The new discipline of FFXIV Information Revealed

Disciplines, basic class group , are concentrated in the same idea. Final Fantasy XIV you have your war , magic, land and hand disciples. Each subject contains some information about this separate classes. Today SQUARE-ENIX update FFXIV official website , in these disciplines , some new types of information . New information attributed disciplines magic magician , magicians, and ….  Read More

League of Legends dev opens NYC office

Riot Games opens new 6,000 square foot outfit in New York City; will pay $240,000 per year for rent. League of Legends developer Riot Games has opened an office in New York City. The real estate transaction was revealed by The New York Times, which reports Riot Games has committed to a five-year lease with ….  Read More

Bethesda wants online play without Xbox Gold or PS Plus

Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation console online play surcharge, Bethesda hopes to play MMO Gold Xbox or PlayStation can this category. Under current conditions, the Elder Scrolls Online will need two consoles: a Sony or Microsoft paid access to online games, and another payment of ZeniMax / Bethesda subscription access to the game itself. OXM lead ….  Read More