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RS 3 is at the tail end of a long running

Earlier this year, players participated in a competition to design two of the main NPCs as well as offered suggestions via the forums for other elements for the questline. The result: Birthright of the Dwarves will include both physical battles and mental challenges, and the fate of the Dwarven kingdom rests solely on the players. ….  Read More

Runescape Bar mitzvah and Mine Blowing

Your black iron and black diamond, DE waal, a dwarf craftsmen workshop Smith, he’ll be glad to deal them in mining XP or XP forging!Although the ring is screaming on wealth, there, AOS also won the mining and forging XP and pendant lamps and lanterns, and forging the opportunity to increase skill box.And black iron ….  Read More

RS Golden Gnomes Awards

The latest launch of the Golden Gnomes competition has subtle improvements. The fresh categories include The RuneFest Art Competition, The RuneFest CosPlay Competition, and The Video Competition. What is innovatory is that Jagex launch the “Give Me A Gnome Because…” program that acquires competitors to demonstrate strongly why they deserve the awards. The charming gallery, ….  Read More

RS Action Adventure Game Level Design

Emotional diagram can be as simple as the above four stages , or you can put some detail into the various levels of emotional fragments . Remember, no plot of the story is basically only one kind of mood, and horror games usually crescendo of tension and panic completely fluctuated between oscillation. Because these levels ….  Read More

Runescape the easiest way to make money

This is probably the easiest way to make money in Runescape since it requires no skills at all and you can make 2000g per minute with it. To begin get your hands on 25 rune essence, either mine it or buy it. Then go to the air altar in world 16, You will notice that ….  Read More

RS Launches ‘Pay through Play’ Currency

Bonds completely liberate player-to-player trading, offering RuneScape players more choice and freedom than ever before. This includes the ability to now access all premium membership content through the in-game wealth earned by dedicated players, who can also gift Bonds to a friend or fellow clan member anywhere in the world. Available to purchase directly from ….  Read More

RS Incentives to play through bonds

Coupon is the new game items, allowing you in the game, you have the resources at stake initially occupy certain advantages, you can buy coupons, as you purchase a subscription, but you can also interact with other players, or gifts. Should be part of wealth or RuneCoins members can be converted into a voucher. We ….  Read More

RS OSRS Bug Fixes Experience

Here are a couple of bug fixes and an upgrade to your friends list has been applied: You can now reclaim the Armadyl pendant from the guardians of Armadyl; the bank scroll remembers its position when you close the bank interface; you will now be able to add up to 400 friends to your friends ….  Read More

RS Fast Turnaround

Consider article X for example. Article X is 15,200,000 gp in the GE and was up for 3 days in a row. You decide to buy 10 of this article. The overnight point X raises 225,000 gp. In the morning, you SellItem X for 15425000. buy raised price Cela works generally but you run the ….  Read More

RS Ascension of Guide

Their max hit is 1 if you do not bring too much food. These 20 levels should not delay in light of the huge amount of exp you get robots of flesh. Congratulations! Now, it’s the big test. Can you take up to 99? The best would be to level 50 spiders in the stronghold ….  Read More