The new discipline of FFXIV Information Revealed

Disciplines, basic class group , are concentrated in the same idea. Final Fantasy XIV you have your war , magic, land and hand disciples. Each subject contains some information about this separate classes. Today SQUARE-ENIX update FFXIV official website , in these disciplines , some new types of information . New information attributed disciplines magic magician , magicians, and the land of the miners tell us about discipline . Check out these new classes after the jump basic information .

Disciple Land miners

Miners’ association is responsible for Eorzea ‘s mineral wealth, mining and processing minerals, fossils, gems, or otherwise . So, it should come as no surprise that they desire most areas of blacksmiths and goldsmiths customers .

To take full advantage of advanced technology development of the great mining nation Ul’dah, miners must be broad mandate , from the most delicate exploration tiniest deposit large civil engineering . Firmly in favor of the Association’s theory of continental drift , and as for their patron saint Oschon, wandering so much in its ranks. The main tool is the pickaxe miners .Here to supply Buy ff14 gil

Magic incantation disciples 

Juggling calls the elements present in nature forces , they concentrate a spell that can be woven into effect. By practicing meditation creative essence , the magician leads to absorb the surrounding ether . Unprocessed wood wand or cane , and then use an Ethernet concentrated until it behaves as desired spell. Magicians Association of the seats are in Stillglade Fane in Gridania biological elements Eorzea voice , said to be the most powerful.

Magic disciples – Thaumaturgy

The hands of a skilled physician , Thaumaturgy can be a terrible destructive force . In this school of magic lies in the heart of latent ether summon and command their abilities through deep introspection .

Re-shaping , ether into witchcraft, magic scepter or staff utilization , its placement within the medium – a natural stone filled with magical properties . Society as the center, in its hallowed halls of Arrzaneth in Ul’dah Ossurary say , life , death and beyond the living power.

So, there are newly discovered three disciplines basic information. For more information on those , you can go to the official website . While you’re there , take a look at all of the disciplines, because some of the information already has more to add and update . The Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG set in the PC and PlayStation 3 hit the global synchronization sometime this year .