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TESO: Morrowind – A New Archetype Developed By Voxicity

After a long pause, the official website has just relaunched the Battlemaster’s Corner, presenting the archetype of the Zookeeper.


This archetype is based on a Warden, the new class of TESO, and mainly uses Vigor. Taking advantage of the versatility of this class, his skills combine attack, care, improvement and Ransack. Even if this archetype is rather solo and PvP oriented, it has enough to do well in a group or in PvE, although it is not its main purpose. It is interesting to note that the author has specified the distribution of champion points he advises, as well as his combat technique.

Our new Battlemaster Corner introduces the new class of The Elder Scrolls Online, the Warden! You will discover the Zookeeper, a new archetype developed by Voxicity!

Morrowind Is The Largest Expansion On The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda Softworks released this week The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It is a new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online. The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind introduces more than 30 hours of new trailer, a new playable class (The Warden), a new 4v4v4 PvP mode called Battlegrounds, a 12-player Trial and the return to one of the most beloved Elder Scrolls universe, the iconic island of Vvardenfell!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the largest expansion on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) so far and introduces new content and features that are accessible to existing and new ESO players.

New players can create a character without discovering previous ESO content, and can instantly turn to Vvardenfell, including hundreds of hours of original ESO content that they can discover whenever they want. ESO veterans can upgrade and start the adventure in Morrowind with their existing characters or with the new Warden.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind adds a lot of new content for the million players to discover, including:

A Brand New Zone – Vvardenfell: Vvardenfell is the largest area ever added to The Elder Scrolls Online since its launch and uses the same geological print as The Elder Scrolls III, including all recognizable places from the original game. Players will be on a dangerous adventure through Vvardenfell, 700 years for the events of The Elder Scrolls III, ranging from Seyda Neen to the Ashlands volcanic docks to forests covered with mushrooms and throughout the glory of Vivec City, during that time under construction.

New Class – The Warden: Players will have to learn to use nature-based magic to control the powerful new class The Warden. The Warden is the first new class since the launch of ESO and offers the player the freedom to select a range of skills that make for variety in playing style. The Warden also introduces a new ally, War Bear, a fighter who knows no mercy during the most intense fighting next to The Warden.

New PvP Mode – Battlegrounds: The Elder Scrolls Online is famous for its open-world PvP battles, in which hundreds of players fight against ruling over Cyrodiil. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind introduces a new PvP mode – Battlegrounds – with intense 4v4v4 fights. The battle takes place this time in the Ashlands where there is a battle between the best warriors of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. For more information, visit

ESO: PC Players Can Start Morrowind Two Weeks Before It Released

As of Monday, May 22, some of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) players have the opportunity to play the new Morrowind expansion. But when is the start to Morrowind exactly? What time does it start?

It is an offer that provides excitement. Already on May 22, PC players can start with Morrowind, the great new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the start of the MMORPG year 2017.


Morrowind brings the new class Wardens and an independent adventure on the island of Vvardenfell for all players, whether newcomer or veteran. This will be the first expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online ever – so far, there were only free updates during the subscription phase, DLCs that had been charged since 2015.

PC Players Can Get Started In Morrowind Two Weeks Before The Release

The actual release of TESO Morrowind is only on 6 June, but for some it is already two weeks before.

Early access is open to PC players who have purchased or otherwise obtained the “Morrowind Upgrade” or the “Collector’s Upgrade Digital”. But only on the PC. This premiere is not applicable for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If players purchased or pre-ordered the “physical version” of ESO Morrowind as a Collector’s Edition, they may request that they be released manually. This is exactly how Zenimax explains in this posting on the official side.

TESO: How Early Is The Early Access For Morrowind?

Many PC players are now wondering: When is it going?

We found a statement from the community manager Gina Bruno. She says, “It’s going to happen in the morning, probably before 10 o’clock in the morning.” In Germany in the late afternoon. Before 16 o’clock on Monday, May 22, early access to The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind should start.

In early access, there will also be all bonus items linked to the purchase of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online Revealed New Trailer For Great Houses And Assassins

Fans of The Elder Scrolls, who have loved this series since the days of Morrowind, are well aware of the intricacies of the Great Houses and the lawful guild of the murderers Morag Tong.

Since the upcoming addition of Morrowind for The Elder Scrolls Online is almost entirely aimed at the nostalgic audience, we decided to show a new video, which lists the main Great Houses, between the various interests of which players will have to choose.

We remind you that the addition will be published on the sixth of June and will not only add a new region to the game – the island of Vvardenfell – but also the class of the hero Warden, relying on the skillful possession of the magic of nature and the help of his faithful friend – the mighty bear.

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