Albion Online Update: Artefact System Details

The final beta of the MMO Albion Online have been released for more than a few days, from the start of August 1, the game will utilize chance to enrich itself with many novelties, a system of objects specialized on artifacts was also included. Now that more and more players are yearn for buy cheap albion online gold.


Albion Online presents its artefact system

Sandbox based on crafts and zone control by players, Albion Online directs much of its content on PvP clashes. Aware that this specific part of the game will not affect all players, members of the Sandbox Interactive German studio are now introducing the artifact system in order to “better reward players not running only after the glory of the PvP. ” The system was conceived as an alternative offering the possibility of offering quality equipment through PvE.

The artefacts come from the relics of arms that served during the Horrible War, 1300 years ago, and that led Albion to its loss. Some artefacts, however, resurface in the future world in the form of an entire artefact or fragments, time having done its work of attrition. Many players are dedicated to buy cheapest albion online silver.

To collect on the loot of the high level monsters or on the bosses, these artifacts are, at the base, fragments to harvest and then assemble them to the forge to create unique weapons and armor of which here are the details:

On the destiny panel, each base object will have a corresponding artefact object, except for objects in the left hand that will have three.Secondary weapons (left hand) will have no spells. Artifacts will be available from Tier 4 to Tier 8 and can be enchanted.
81 new artefacts will be added to the game as of August 1st. Albion Online details click the link here: