Path of Exile

Are You Confused About Path Of Exile Shaper

In Path of Exile, for shaper you want to have preferably a 6l chest &22k+ tooltip with decay and close to 18k energy shield, and 1 ring with %faster start of es recharge. All minibosses are fairly easy as long as you know the mechanics and having enough path of exile orbs.

For shaper himself, you want to ALWAYS stand as close as possible on melee range so he does not use his ball attack. (this and bullet hell is the only way you can die on “1 hit” (3 balls is enough to kill 20k es specially on crit and if 1 crits they all crit) These balls have 25% cold penetration so they do mad dmg.

Path of Exile

When the stage starts place your orb of storms on him and your wither totem somewhere near the side. When the fight starts instantly proc your fortify with shield charge and try to keep it up always. You basicly cannot die to a slam and beam takes quite a while to kill you (very easy to move away from).

Try to pop vortexes on the edges of the arena. If you are in bullet hell phase and a vortex spawns and starts moving towards you log out. Yes, you can get fucked by rng really hard here. On 3rd stage Just play carefully, its the only “hard” part of shaper run. Clone spawning and balling you while shaper itself is balling you can be super deadly.

On addphase you want to place your curse on hit, stand between portal and zana, pop your flasks for chilled ground+dmg, drop down a wither totem and spam your abyssal cry & hope that occultist’s prophane bloom procs :D.

For uber atziri switch out abyssal cry for vaal lightning trap (for atziri split phase). Play careful since almost everything here kills you really fast. Don’t use curse on hit on atziri herself, and logout when you see empowered stormcalls coming for you, buy chaos orbs on U4GM, you will get the harvest.