The ESO: New Update 1.27 Is Available On PS4

The ESO: New Update 1.27 Is Available On PS4

In order to match the launch of the new DLC pack, Horns of the Reach, Bethesda push out The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.27 for PlayStation 4 this week. You can download the update now, if you are the member of The Elder Scrolls Online Plus you can also obtain the DLC game pack together with the update 1.27.

The ESO: New Update 1.27 Is Available On PS4
There are two new dungeons concluded in the Horns of the Reach, named Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. And also there are also compatible for four players. New achievements such as rewards and Monster Marks for grabs are also contained. At other aspect, players who own the Morrowind expansion will also access to a new Battlegrounds map, Arcane University, plus a new game mode for Battlegrounds in the shape of Chaosball, complete with all-new medals.

Let’s have a look about The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.27 below.


—Guild Invites and Guild Invite Acceptances in the Guild History now include the account name of who extended the invitation.
—Added a guild rank permission for “View Guild Bank Gold” which controls a guild rank’s ability to see the amount of gold stored in the Guild Bank. This is enabled automatically when “Withdraw Guild Bank Gold” is selected.

Crafting & Enchanting

—You can now cancel an active research if you want to start researching something else instead.
—Note: The item consumed during research initiation will not be refunded.
—Items can now be locked or unlocked from the improvement screen. Locked items can also be improved, but only if the chance is 100%.
—Equipped items can now be improved.
—You will no longer be warned that an item can be destroyed if the upgrade chance is 100%.
—Enchanting a locked item will now require an additional confirmation.


—We’ve added a setting – Combat Cues – in the Gameplay menu that will allow you to control the color and brightness of Friendly and Hostile combat cues. Enjoy!
—Damage over time abilities will now display the number of hits you received from that ability next to the ability icon in the Death Recap UI.


—Furniture listed in Guild Stores can now be previewed.
—Added a warning for equipping Bind on Equip items that are blue-quality or higher.
—You can now deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into your account bank where they may be withdrawn by any of your characters.
—Note: A character receiving Alliance Points in this fashion will not increase your Alliance Rank or progress in your Alliance War Skill Lines.
—Crown Store categories that have new items in them will have a new indicator next to them.
—Reporting a player will now also ignore them when the ticket is submitted.

Updates for Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Writ Merchant

Rolis Hlaalu’s inventory has been updated! His gold furnishing plans have been replaced with new stock, so there is now a new gold quality furnishing plan for each profession available. The previously available recipes are being retired for the time being, though they may show up again at some point in the future in his selection or elsewhere.

New Home

Hakkvild’s High Hall: Hakkvild, former Jarl of Falkreath who freed the hold from the hands of Yashnag’s Orcs, built himself this spacious hall on the heights above town, with convenient access to the crypts of his ancestors. And now it can be yours!

—This home neighboring the Falkreath Hold dungeon shares a similar style, and includes both subterranean and above ground furnishing areas.
—This home requires you to complete achievements tied to Horns of the Reach in order to purchase it with gold, but is also available for crowns in furnished and unfurnished variants.

New Furnishings

A number of new recipes and furnishings have been added to the game, obtainable by participating in various activity throughout the world. These include but are not limited to harvesting certain types of nodes, participating in Justice activities, and defeating enemies in the new Horns of the Reach dungeons, Coldharbour, and Ayleid Ruins.

Champion Point Increase

The Champion Point cap has been raised by a total of 30 points (10 in each red/blue/green constellation). The Champion Point experience curve has been automatically adjusted with this new cap, so that earlier Champion Points require less experience and can be earned faster.