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Firstly, the wait is over for FIFA lovers around the world, as Electronic Arts released its annual edition of the most popular football simulator franhcise- FIFA 15- on September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe and September 27 in the United Kingdom.The game is the most awaited title every year and the excitement is much more this year due to the recently held Brazil FIFA World Cup. Apart from improved graphics, this year’s edition has new exciting features such as addition of new soccer legends in the all new “Concept Squad,” new stadium chants and songs, as well as addition of all 20 Premier League stadiums, requested by FIFA 15  fans last year.


As you know FIFA 15 is more popular in Europe than in North America, where Madden NFL is the key title. FIFA has always been the highlight of the year for the company in terms of sales; the soccer franchise accounted for 27% of the company’s net revenues and 23% of the company’s gross profits in this year.

However,according to Gfk Chart-track, the number of FIFA 15 units sold in the first week is almost same as the number of FIFA 14 units sold. However, FIFA 15 Coins price range (Price of £54.99 in the U.K and $60-$70 in the U.S.), compared to that of FIFA 14, led to a 6% jump in FIFA 15′s first week revenues. The new generation consoles accounted for 54% of the net game unit sales, whereas the previous generation consoles accounted for 45%. Hardware sales in August reached $196 million, up 116% year-over-year (y-o-y). Considering the fact that the demand for next generation consoles was tremendously strong in the last 3 months, the performance of core titles on these consoles was fairly average.

And lastly, another game of EA,PES does not pose a huge threat to buy FIFA coins in terms of unit sales, but is the direct competitor in terms of its gamer base. In 2013, a total of 12 million FIFA units were sold, whereas around 3.5 to 4 million PES units were sold in the same period. Nonetheless, EA have no reasons to worry about PES, as the latter is still far behind in terms of actual retail value. In 2013, the increase in demand of Pro Evolution Soccer in South America was offset by the game’s poor performance in Europe and North America. Considering the performance of PES in the last 2 years, So EA Sports has nothing to worry about in terms of FIFA’s market share.

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With the FIFA 15 companion app which is available on your iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms, you will be able to find the best players who are available in the market. Compared to the past games, the Ultimate Team concept has become really popular among players because it allows them to build and bring their dream team to life. Now, you can control and make decisions using your mobile device which makes it much easier to be in touch with your favorite players wherever you go. The app also allows you to purchase new packs besides being updated on the latest news and notifications.

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You will be able to know more about latest player performance and EA also plans to upgrade player statistics based on their current real world performance. Get the companion app on your tablet or phone to experience something FIFA 15 in a more engaging manner. Related items FIFA 15 Previous Story Minecraft Latest Updates – Crafting And Creatures Galore Next Story . Minecraft PS3 Will Get Four New Mobs with Title Update 18 and you may also like.

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