Not know about other EA sports games, but when FIFA servers can work

Lizard Squad may have had something to do with taking down EA last week, but this time round it is not their doing. But EA is apparently down and offline at the moment, even though FIFA 15 FUT servers are back online.

1 Lizard Squad may have had something to do with taking down EA

EA did announce they will be making a EA Sports Football Club and FIFA Ultimate Team scheduled maintenance today at 11pm PT /7:00 AM UK time. But, even though this was expected to take around 3 hours the downtime was extended.

EA is down, cannot blame Lizard Squad
This means the Mobile companion app, Web App, EA SPORTS Football Club and FIFA Ultimate Team will be offline.

Product Reviews reports EA is back up and running maintenance, they also mention EA’s FUT servers are online again. But over on Down Detector many gamers are saying EA is still down and offline. Of course you can stil buy enough FIFA 15 coins to prepare when EA’s server work.

One user said, “Don’t know about other EA sports games, but All FIFA servers are down. Tried on all consoles, android and FIFA world. Up until Yesterday PS4 and Android were still working 100%, XBOX, was out 2 days earlier or so. Since today everything is offline.” Gamers are saying EA is down in Holland, UK, Sweden, Hamburg. Many tweets are coming in on Twitter as well.

Do you know FIFA 15 Gets New Christmas Promo

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is too close and it wouldn’t be justified if there are no special advertisements to mark the occasion.Every retailer and developer has started pushing their products, so as to excite people into buying it. And, it wouldn’t be the best without some great gaming is what the people at Microsoft and Electronic Arts think.

The all new FIFA 15 promo featuring Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard is out now that showcases both the stars playing a game of soccer on the Xbox One console. It’s not the best trailer in recent times but you would definitely enjoy watching it through. But, the big news is not about the promo, but more about the special offer that is being introduced to gamers. The Christmas special edition of the game comes with special features, additional content and bonus goodies that make the purchase an enticing offer to go with.

Head on Head Match

In the promo video, Messi goes against Hazard and the match between Barcelona and Chelsea is really intense. But, the commentators and the cheer people are completely different in the video, because, instead of real people or coaches, it is the gingerbread man as well as snow cupcakes that cheer both players into scoring goals. Both of them play intensely, in the FIFA 15 game, of course, and each tries to win over the other.

However, as both of them are equally good and also in order to avoid any controversy, the ad ends with Messi and Hazard scoring an equal. Both of them score one goal each and the match ends as a tie. So, maybe it’s time for a goal kick in the next advertisement or something new, we don’t know yet. The game looks cool and EA says this is the season to play it.

Goodies Coming up

The holiday special deluxe edition of FIFA 15 comes bundled with FIFA points that players could spend to improvise their Ultimate Team with FIFA 15 coins. It also includes a newly adorned Messi as an FUT player, who will be open for you to pick up for up to five games, as well as the catalog items from the EA Sports football club. There’s an Adidas sponsored stars team, besides more goodies to look into, in this pack. However, you will be able to get the deluxe edition of FIFA 15 only through an online download.

Sony’s decision to terminate its FIFA sponsorship contract


Sony will not renew its sponsorship contract with worldwide soccer governing body FIFA, as the technology behemoth seeks to instead spend its money on a number of reforms.

Sony was a marquee FIFA sponsor, backing more than 40 tournaments, including multiple World Cups. The Telegraph reports that Sony had been a FIFA sponsor since 2006, in a contract worth £222 million ($348.7 million).

Sony’s sponsorship deal with FIFA ends December 31. A report from Nikkei said Sony considered renewing its deal with FIFA, but ultimately decided not to over concerns that sponsorship costs might rise. Sony’s decision to walk away from FIFA comes as the company is seeking to complete “structural reforms” during this fiscal year, Nikkei said.

Just last week, Sony laid out part of this vision, saying that it will cut back on its TV and mobile phone business units and instead place more focus on PlayStation in addation you should have some FIFA 15 coins PS4 for playing PS4.

Sony’s decision to terminate its FIFA sponsorship contract also comes as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been faced with bribery allegations. Longstanding FIFA sponsor Adidas said it was concerned about these claims, while another major backer, Coca-Cola, said anything that detracts from the mission and ideals of the World Cup is a “concern” for the company.

EA Sports has released for the FIFA 15

After unveiling Orlando City’s first home jersey for Major League Soccer earlier this month, club President Phil Rawlins told reporters that the team wouldn’t follow up with the away kit until MLS “Jersey Week” prior to the start of the 2015 season in March.

EA Sports, the massive video-gaming company, released an update for the FIFA 15 on Tuesday that finally added Orlando City and New York City FC into the game. Although they will not be playable teams for the foreseeable future, gamers will be able to “purchase” Orlando city gear in the Ultimate Team shop — the items include the team crest, and both the home and away jersey, which EA added before Orlando was able to unveil it.

These jerseys cards were leaked on the web a couple of days ago, and NYCFC has since responded by officially revealing their away jerseys, themselves — side note: their away city is far better than the Manchester City spin-off released last week.

If we’re going off of the fact that NYCFC has confirmed their leaked jersey, I can easily say that Orlando City did another great job with there away kit.Actually look what you want to get

It’s simply an inverse of the home jersey — all white with purple trimming and the subtle horizontal lines across the front. The home jersey, as you might remember, is all purple with a white and gold trim and subtle horizontal stripes across the front.

Before you run off to your Xbox or Playstation to buy these jerseys for your Ultimate Team, just know that the prices are running high on these items, and you will have to pay a pretty penny to look like the coolest club in MLS.

In the FIFA 15 , Buying and Selling players is all possible

With the FIFA 15 companion app which is available on your iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms, you will be able to find the best players who are available in the market. Compared to the past games, the Ultimate Team concept has become really popular among players because it allows them to build and bring their dream team to life. Now, you can control and make decisions using your mobile device which makes it much easier to be in touch with your favorite players wherever you go. The app also allows you to purchase new packs besides being updated on the latest news and notifications.

fifa 15 coins

You will be able to know more about latest player performance and EA also plans to upgrade player statistics based on their current real world performance. Get the companion app on your tablet or phone to experience something FIFA 15 in a more engaging manner. Related items FIFA 15 Previous Story Minecraft Latest Updates – Crafting And Creatures Galore Next Story . Minecraft PS3 Will Get Four New Mobs with Title Update 18 and you may also like.

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Soccer Man is up to you and don’t lose confidence yourself

At the top of 2014, the past and every one the simplest of the results will be bookends.According to Spanish media of the daily dello sport recently Barcelona’s Lionel messi, xavi and andres iniesta squad for the FIFA 2014 best eleven individuals voted, the top result are going to be within the next year on January twelve, formally proclaimed fifa 15 coins within the golden globe awards.

FIFA once a year at the year-end be elect into the simplest eleven team, the squad choice isn’t by the media or the FIFA officers nonappointive, however by the planet of soccer players elect.As to World Health Organization is that the best jock with the foremost correct judgment.

According to the daily dello sport speech act, recently, 3 city star Lionel messi, xavi and andres iniesta for this year’s best eleven individuals voted.It is understood that the ultimate results are going to be next year on January 12″If there is proof of corruption, so determined to supply the cheap fifa 15 coins is empty, there need to be a vote all over again.”FIFA 15 Coins  exco member and chairperson Jim boyce support to issues open the full contents of the report. “This is that the alone right and proper organization executives can see a report back to research the allegations, organization,” he told sky sports news.

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