Albion Online Received A Small But Important Patch

MMORPG Albion Online received a small but important patch, which introduced some interesting changes to some in-game mechanics.

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Now you can not directly trade gold to other players, and gold can no longer be stored on Guild accounts. On such measures, the developers went in order to deal with the sellers of gold (Gold sellers). And these rules do not apply to silver.

The maximum price for real estate has been increased to 10 million silver. Also, developers temporarily returned Dreaded-players the ability to disable PvP-mode.

Fighters participating in GvG-battles will no longer be hidden in overloaded areas. And the company Sandbox Interactive temporarily disabled the function of Android updater, to eliminate some problems. Fixed some bugs with crafting sounds and portal binding.

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Albion Online Revealed Its Official Character Builder

After the launch last week, Albion Online is more lively and flourishing than ever.

Like any MMORPG with a deep character progression system, however, Albion Online may initially disorient the players, also because of the absence of predetermined classes. This is why the developers of Sandbox Interactive help with the launch of a Character Builder on the official website.

group build.fw

With the Character Builder, players can share their favorite combinations of weapons, armor, food, and potions with the community. And players looking for the perfect combination of equipment for future companies can take inspiration from here. In addition, players can also vote for the builds of other adventurers, so popular and promising combinations can be easily identified.

The Character Builder allows you to choose between builds for solo players and group builds, and also allows you to create articles and discussions dedicated to a build rather than to another.

Whether you are beginners or veterans of the game, you still have to try this new Official Character Builder. Be sure to stay tuned for more Albion Online news, tricks, hacks, and cheats.


Albion Online: Finally Is Release

After more than five years in development, the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive has been officially playable since today. It is very proud of the developer to finally publish the game finally and thank the community.

This has been involved in the development of the sandbox MMO in recent years with a lot of helpful feedback during the numerous alpha and beta tests. This is shared by Sandbox Interactive via press release and Reddit.

albion game

Albion Online: When can you play?

To counter the massive onslaught on the server on the launch day and to reward the players who have invested more money in the game, Sandbox Interactive has chosen a staggered launch system.

When you get access to the servers depends on the size of the package you purchased. A detailed listing of when Albion Online is launched in other time zones, and information on the prizes and content of each package can be found on the official game site.

  • Legendary Starter and Founder Pack: July 17, 15:00
  • Epic Starter and Founder Pack: July 18, 15:00
  • Veteran Starter and Founder Pack: July 19, 15:00

What is Albion Online?

Albion Online is a buy to play sandbox MMORPG, in which players have many freedoms. There is no fixed quest or class system. Who or what you are is largely defined by your equipment. Furthermore it is completely free to the players, whether they are more the PvE or PvP aspect of the game – or do not even want to fight.

All trade in the world of Albion Online is powered by the players. Only what was previously produced is sold. Without a good armor and weapon, the best player is not even half as good. Without an accommodation and base, the coordination of a guild is put to the test.

Thus, the sandbox MMO is not just a game for PvE or PvP-loving players. Players who specialize in basic construction, intensive crafting and the pooling of different resources are also fundamental to the game’s economy.

Albion Online Is Not FreeTo Play

Albion Online is financed by a so-called soft subscription model (a paid subscription is necessary but not necessary) and an in-game shop.

It is remarkable that a subscription can be purchased not only with real money, but also exclusively with the currency in the game. An exact price for the currency can not be finalized because of the fluctuating value of the currency. Furthermore, it is possible to trade premium currency against normal cash.


The Starter Packs Is Work In Albion Online Now

On 17 July 2017, the starting shot for Albion Online falls. After the offer with the Founder Packs has now expired, you can now secure Starter Packs.

albion pack.fw

Sandbox Interactive has announced the availability of Starter Packs for Albion Online. Depending on the pack you receive different amounts of gold and premium time as well as special equipment in the sandbox MMORPG. Specifically, the offers are as follows:

Veteran Starter Pack – 29,95 Euro

  • Game start: July 19, 2017
  • 2,000 Gold
  • 30 days Premium

Epic Starter Pack – 49,95 Euro

  • Game start: July 18, 2017
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 60 days Premium
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Legendary Starter Pack – 99,95 Euro

  • Game start: July 17, 2017
  • 12,000 Gold
  • 90 days Premium
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Avatars
  • Legendary Cart
  • Legendary Horse
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

As a gift, owners of a Founder Pack receive the equipment and riding equipment included in the Starter Packs of the same level (Veteran, Epic, Legendary). You can find further details on the Starter Packs here on the official website or

This is the start of next week:

  • 17 July 15:00 (CEST): Access for owners of Legendary Founders or Starter Packs
  • 18 July 15:00 (CEST): Access for owners of Epic Founders or Starter Packs
  • 19 July 15:00 (CEST): Access for owners of Veteran Founders or Starter Packs


Albion Online – The Guardians Represent The Natural Protectors Of Albion

In a few weeks the Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online is celebrating its launch. Now the developers of Sandbox Interactive have presented the powerful Guardians of Albion.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, located in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. While the Sandbox Interactive developer team is still working on bugs and planning the first extensions until the launch on June 17, 2017, some important features will be brought into focus. So as the Guardians of Albion. These are powerful bosses who demand precise planning, concentration and tactical skill from you.


The Guardians represent the natural protectors of Albion. They have been brought to life by ancient magic, and have become more and more powerful over the centuries, they now protect the natural treasures of the world. Five different guards exist in Albion, each of which has immense strength and special abilities. Once imprisoned, they are transformed into raw material sources, which provide you with a gigantic amount of 2,560 resources of Tier 6. A raid against these giants can be worthwhile.

These are the four different guards:

Old White (Hide)

The Old White is a giant white mammoth spiritually linked to all the mammoths in the world of Albion who have lived or will live in the future. It can be found in Hide Dens of Tier 6. He is generally considered to be the easiest guard to defeat, but players must first fight through several groups of game animals to face him.

Ancient Ent (Wood)

In the Ancient Ent, it is a huge tree-spirit, which can be found in Tree Groves of Tier 6. In the fight against him the coordination of the playgroup is decisive, since he carries out destructive attacks with Piercing Roots.

Rock Giant (Rock)

In Rock Outcrops of Tier 6 within the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant drives its mischief. He is the only guardian without melee skills, and attacks only from a distance, for example, with his Earthquake attack.

Enormous Dryad (Fiber)

The Giant Dryade dives in the Fiber Meadows in Tier 6 Swamps and attacks you with deadly assaults such as “Eroding Swamp” or “Pulsing Thorns”.

Ore Colossus (Ore)

You’ll find the ore colossus in Ore Veins of Tier 6. He does not use automatic attacks, but he has a devastating Punch and has a “Crystal Swarm” that allows him to extinguish a game group in seconds.

Albion Online will be released on July 17, 2017 for PC, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. Stay tuned at for more details.


How To Catch A Player On A Mount In Open World PvP Of Albion Online

Albion Online is a medieval free-to-play MMO developed by Sandbox Interactive. This is a non-character MMORPG that offers cross-platform capabilities that allow players to compete together regardless of their platform on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or even Linux. In PvP mode, 800 teams can join the same map to control the territory.

Many players are wondering whether you need to ride a mount when seeing another player on a mount in open world PvP. The key to being successful in any PvP game is to out number and always have the advantage over your opponents.


There are positives and negatives about travelling mounted and unmounted. Generally it’s better to be mounted, though, because gatherers can easily mount up and run away the second they see you.

You need a fast horse to catch people solo. Gatherers in low blacks are usually seen on T5/6 armored horses so yours needs to be faster unless they mess up and get slowed by mobs/get stuck on something.

Your tactic is to ride in front of them, hit them once to take off their gallop bonus, chase after them while your cds come up and then unload on them. That is why the Double Bladed is so good at dismounting people. It has a movement speed on W and a dash on E plus the amount of cc you have and you should be able to catch up to people on horses without the gallop bonus.

It’s difficult at first but once you learn how to do it, you will have an easier time to catch up to people. A direwolf is perfect for ganking but quite expensive. The difference it makes is huge, though. Don’t get discouraged by people getting away from you if you solo gank, it just happens sometimes and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Checking solo dungeons in blacks is a good idea. They won’t have a big chance to flee. Most of them don’t run great gear so you should be able to 1v1 them but always be careful in those situations because most of the ganking weapons aren’t that great in duels.

Waiting at exits is not a good idea because people get the protection bubble which holds for a long time. Unless they randomly attack you, you won’t have a chance to catch them. You also run the risk of having a big group coming out and destroying you because you don’t have the protection bubble.

In my opinion solo ganking is too tiresome. If you have 1 or 2 people who can join you, you will have a much better and easier time. As soon as you can afford a direwolf (and afford to lose it) your entire ganking world will change.

Although there are countless players in Albion Online and their adventures, the Sandbox MMORPG has not yet been officially released. That will change in the summer of this year! It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for Albion Online. However, you can buy Albion Online gold cheap on UpAlbion if you don’t have enough time to make money.

The Last Update Was Released Before Official Release Of Albion Online

The last major update to be released before the official release of Albion Online came from Hector.

Albion Online, which is one of the most ambitious MMORPGs developed by the SandBox Interactive team, aims to offer a long-term game with an Ultima-like community structure. The game will be released on July 17, 2017 with the latest version. Albion, which will be following a long, detailed and patient development phase, will wait until mid-July to test its latest update. Thanks to the communicational integrity between the community and the development team, the game has become almost irrelevant for players looking for a new MMORPG, with the game reaching the ultimate expanse, successful graphics structure and versatile game depth.


The update, published with the Hector name, brings the recently introduced Black Market system to the game. Hellgates, which blend the Albion world’s PvE and PvP combat options successfully, are adding new ones. Mechanical enhancements for existing areas also come to the Hellgate system with Hector update.

Outlands that are not available in the vote are added to the Albion map, and it is possible to go to the area with the help of the portal. There are also settings that allow the map to be displayed in larger windows at different scales.

New mounts are also added to the game, making it possible for you to travel through Albion’s big world. Albion world’s PvE options, where you can travel to your desired destination, are updated and changed a bit.

The User Interface of the player’s screen, the details of new player’s tutorial, modeling of armor and weapons, and dozens of minor error correction come with the Hector update.

Unfortunately, Albion Online can not be played for free and does not offer Turkish language support. However, if you want to examine the proposals of this game we find quite ambitious, you can go to the our sites by clicking here. You can watch the video broadcast for the Hector update on the screen below.

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Albion Online Will Add Black Market To Hector Update

Since the release date of Albion Online was released, there have been a lot of changes and updates in game in the past few weeks. In addition to the Revamped Hellgates and Outlands Improvements, the developers announced new feature – the Black Market.

Black Market is one of the highlights of Hector’s most prominent features. According to the official notes, Hector is the final update before the developers launch Albion Online on July 17, 2017.


The Black Market is a new merchant NPC in Caerleon, who buys items from crafters and redistributes them to the mobs and chests of Albion. The Black Market is unlike your typical NPC merchant – His demand for items is based on how many mobs are killed across the world. This new feature ensures cool drops in PvE, while not taking away from the player-driven economy.

There are several benefits in the new feature. The first one is that it allows us to add cool drops to the PvE of Albion Online, without taking away from the player-driven economy. All equipment is once again player-crafted! Then, the Black Market merchant can also be used as a proper item-sink for lower Tier items as it’s shady. Finally, we can remove Essences from refining and get rid of refined resources as a drop from Hellgates and chests.

For more news of the next upcoming Hector update, stay tuned at the Hector update page or!

Albion Online: The Subject Of The Hector Update

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, the updated Hector of Albion Online (expected on June 7) is evolving the GvG territories of the MMO, both to encourage guilds to compete and players to evolve in concert.

We remember that initially, Albion Online was to take the form of a real MMO “sandbox” (worn by the well named studio Sandbox Interactive), totally left in the hands of the players and having to leave the handsome guilds. However, the PvP dimension of the MMO is difficult to meet initial expectations (as always, the correct balancing is complex to find to avoid an overpowering guild dominating an entire server, at the risk of frustrating others Players) and the developer agrees to this, to the point that the studio intends to evolve the functioning of the Outlands and the GvG confrontations before the commercial launch of the game. This is in particular the subject of the Hector update, The deployment is scheduled for 7 June.

In a new video development summary, Robin Henkys, Game Director of Albion Online, clarifies the ambitions of the studio.

In particular, the GvG territories will be drastically rethought, both to concentrate activity around Caerleon (the area will host a single and central portal allowing access to the Outlands, in order to favor concentrations of players ) And then to better organize the confrontations of players in Outlands. The portal will allow to reach the different zones of the territories GvG (as many portals that replace the cities and ports of the Outlands, now neglected by the players), classified by level of difficulties or dangerousness (green, yellow or red) In order to balance the confrontations – thus avoiding an overpowering guild dominating all the territories. And the developer goes further by imagining an “anti-zerg” display that will reveal any regrouping of more than ten players on the minimap, so that potential opponents can organize themselves to fight or escape.

In addition, to encourage players to venture further into Outlands, the developer installs attractive rewards – including Tier 8 resources in the watchtower territories.

The studio pursues a twofold objective: first, to encourage clashes between guilds (guilds should be sufficiently attracted by resources to attack these areas and existing guilds should mobilize to defend them, with the support of Watchtowers ), And then encouraging a more coordinated group game by ensuring that harvesters are always accompanied by fighters (some protecting the gathering activity of others).

While waiting to discover the reactions of the players to this evolution of Outlands operation (from June 7th, therefore, after the deployment of the Hector update), the developer invites players to recover and move objects They could have stored in the harbors and black zone cities. As they will disappear (to be replaced by portals), banks and cityplots will also be deleted. Notice therefore to the players who would have items to preserve.

The Biggest Update Galahad Contents Before Albion Is Launched

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Albion Online will be a game based on grinding and small team PvP with the occasional group fight. Are you eagerly expecting the release of Albion Online? now, the new Sandbox MMORPG that promises to change some elements. Until now, Galahad update, as the biggest update that one of the last before the official game release on July, has been successfully deployed.

Galahad update revamped a new open world to explore, including a new Royal Continent and Outlands. Among various changes and improvements, it seemingly everything is brand-new. New PVE content and challenges await players both in the open world and in special expedition missions which can be tackled solo or as a group.

Owing to the new udpate, and along with a user interface redesign, providing an elegant and more functional style. Note: Albion Online release date is approaching, gamers have managed to purchase buy albion online gold to get more items and equipments.