Players to buy Cheap WOW Gold

Recently, Blizzard plans to “World of Warcraft” expansion “Delano hegemony” added the 90 new helicopter service exposure, the service may be priced at $ 60 ( about 364 yuan ), some people think Blizzard uphold the fair principle has now gone, Alex Afrasiabi than this game creative director in the data sheet, held the day before yesterday in the European prospective conference official response: Although a lot of players to buy Cheap WOW Gold. “World of Warcraft” will never be a fight money game.

He said in response: “We” World of Warcraft” will go in and no detailed plan, but one thing is beyond doubt, that is the “World of Warcraft” will not be a competition whose money game in this mode.Only affect the player’s trust, and half of game design is how to win the trust of the players, we use so many years of time to build trust relationships between players and developers, we would never consider going to break that trust, so it is impossible to fight money in the “World of Warcraft ” appeared, and now there will not be, and they will not happen.”