So with the patch 5.3 PTR WOWGoldmart opening up some of the new scenarios I got a chance to run the one I’m most interested in, Dark Heart of Pandaria. It’s a very interesting glimpse into Pandaria’s hidden history and lore, into how Garrosh’s Horde is coming apart at the seams, and about how it’s never a good idea to drain a lake and start digging for artifacts in the middle of someone else’s most sacred secret Vale without things like asking first. Admittedly, they would have said no, and this scenario is just chock full of reasons why, in fact, they should have said no.
There’s really no way around the fact that every screenshot I got is at least somewhat spoilerish. The one I used above is fairly safe (I doubt anyone is surprised that in the new scenario, I end up hitting things) but from here on in, it’s plot details and tons of them. So be warned, spoilers ahoy. If you don’t want spoilers for patch 5.3, this is not the article for you.
You arrive at the digsite to find that whatever they were mining has upset the balance of nature, sending the local elementals into a Cataclysm-style revolt and killing most of the workers. You step in, restore order the murdering way, and then round up the various artifacts. There are artifacts that give you a combo bonus (the yellow lighted ones) if you only collect them once, and regular artifacts. Once you’ve collected 250 of them (boosted by the Reliquary Pick you can pick up that gives you a 15 second buff) you move on to the second stage – head into the mine and confront whatever’s going on, and try and reach a goblin miner who can blow open the last wall so you can explore.