ESO: PC Players Can Start Morrowind Two Weeks Before It Released

As of Monday, May 22, some of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) players have the opportunity to play the new Morrowind expansion. But when is the start to Morrowind exactly? What time does it start?

It is an offer that provides excitement. Already on May 22, PC players can start with Morrowind, the great new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the start of the MMORPG year 2017.


Morrowind brings the new class Wardens and an independent adventure on the island of Vvardenfell for all players, whether newcomer or veteran. This will be the first expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online ever – so far, there were only free updates during the subscription phase, DLCs that had been charged since 2015.

PC Players Can Get Started In Morrowind Two Weeks Before The Release

The actual release of TESO Morrowind is only on 6 June, but for some it is already two weeks before.

Early access is open to PC players who have purchased or otherwise obtained the “Morrowind Upgrade” or the “Collector’s Upgrade Digital”. But only on the PC. This premiere is not applicable for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If players purchased or pre-ordered the “physical version” of ESO Morrowind as a Collector’s Edition, they may request that they be released manually. This is exactly how Zenimax explains in this posting on the official side.

TESO: How Early Is The Early Access For Morrowind?

Many PC players are now wondering: When is it going?

We found a statement from the community manager Gina Bruno. She says, “It’s going to happen in the morning, probably before 10 o’clock in the morning.” In Germany in the late afternoon. Before 16 o’clock on Monday, May 22, early access to The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind should start.

In early access, there will also be all bonus items linked to the purchase of Morrowind.