POE 3.9 Glacial Hammer Berserker Build - Budget Friendly League Starter

POE 3.9 Glacial Hammer Berserker Build – Budget Friendly League Starter

Hi, and welcome to my first build guide in POE 3.9, Glacial Hammer Berserker! This build is based on the Glacial Hammer strike skill and (Marauder class)Berserker ascendancy. It’s complete off-meta build with a skill that is played by such a small number of players. How about crushing the end-game without any Shaped/Elder items, Watcher’s eye, multimode and do it all with a thick unique two-handed pole like a true heavy-hitting warrior or the north!

Jump to the build pros&cons and video section to see what this is about! Please read the full guide before starting the build.
+ ~7,5K EHP
+ Freezes everything that can be frozen, for like, 4-5 seconds…
+ Culling strike at 30% of the life of frozen monsters
+ very high damage
+ 4 seconds Overleech
+ Passive Endurance and Power charge generation while mapping
+ Tanky
+ blows up packs with one click without Impulse
+ Excels VS high tier rare monsters and bosses
+ Flexible to modify to your taste
+ Good delver
– Can’t do elemental reflect and no leech maps
– Chaos resistance is at -5%, not great not terrible
– No passive regen.
– Has 2-3 seconds windup from standstill to max dps on a single target to generate full Blitz charges.
Warbringer – Pain Reaver – Flawless Savagery – Blitz

BANDITS: Kill them All.
Major God – Soul of Lunaris/Solaris
Minor God – Soul of Yugul
POB LINK: https://pastebin.com/2WcFx46h


Major 7 Poe Situations Quantity of Entries Map

The following list enumerates the prime ten areas which happen to be entered 1 of your most throughout the past week around the Incursion League. We’re pretty satisfied to view that a lot of players are engaging collectively with all the league and finding into the Temple of Atzoatl. We’re guessing that if it has also been to drop The Physician Divination card it’s going to surpass the Burial Chambers in reputation. The Blood Aqueduct is also added well-liked than it has been inside the past, in aspect due to Divination Card farming, and just because its layout is so effective for Incursions.


Top#1 Burial Chambers

The Map consists of two separate outdoor regions connected by means of two dungeons. This implies that the Map may be wholly explored by initially exploring one particular outside area, then going by way of on the list of Dungeons, then exploring the second external place, and finally exploring the second dungeon. The Dungeon with palisades and also a heap of split wood in the entrance also leads to the boss arena.

Which of your Cauldron, determined by Alira.
Soul Eater (Will consume soul from summoned zombies)
Summons zombies from a nearby cauldron
Casts Detonate Dead

The best way to Farming in Burial Chambers
The very first way is pretty inexpensive and simple for the not as wealthy player. Its pretty basic but I’ve not definitely tested this version out as substantially and its in the youtube Grimro and fundamentally what you do is undo T4’s and T3’s but shape relic champers(do not forget to complete all of the other Maps from T1’s to T16’s so T1 Maps won’t drop, and also you will sustain burial chambers and have the ability to farm the doctor card.
The second way of farming you could do could be the shape, and this is the one use. Had issues sustaining and farming the shaped burial chambers despite the fact that I undid T8’s and T9’s however the resolution I located because of some enable I got from an additional post is first farm larger tier Maps like T10’s and above and when you get a strong Map pool Start outrunning them and to assist out with getting Map drops is drop a sextant it is possible to just do 1 Alc the Map and use sacrifice fragments for 5% quant per 1 diverse piece. Also having the elder to always be at burial chambers helps a ton with Map drops. The only catch to farming Shaped Burial Chambers is you might run four Maps and get no returns however the subsequent 5 you do immediately after that you will get like 3 Maps per 1 so in case you usually are not having Map drops never tension out also substantially about it and retain running your Maps. My knowledge with undertaking this can be that inside 70 Maps got three physician cards (I know incredibly lucky) and every single 12 Maps I have been finding around 16 Maps so a total of four Maps back.
This is a speedy rundown on how Maps drop. Let’s say you go into a t10 Map, plus the frequent monster can only drop t10 Maps and beneath, uncommon monsters can drop t11(ten + 1 tier higher) Maps and below, and one of a kind monsters can drop t12 (10 + 2 level greater) Maps and beneath. So, the most upper Map you will get from a t10 is usually a t12, plus the lowest Map you can get from a t10 is usually a t2 assuming you completed greater than 100 Maps in your atlas. In the event, you don’t then you have a chance to drop a t1 Map from any offered Map. So to answer your query, you can drop high tier Maps from red Maps, but any t3 Map that you get could only be burial chambers.

Top#2 The Temple of Atzoatl

The Temple of Atzoatl is frequently a prominent dungeon location. The layout and contents of the temple modify based on the player’s incursions. Following 11 temporal attacks, Alva Valai will have narrowed down the present-day location together with the Temple of Atzoatl. Every single single variety of room inside the temple has its modifiers, dangers, and rewards.

The player’s actions within the incursions have considerable consequences. By killing the Vaal Architects who guide the temple’s building, players can influence what rooms appear in the present-day version. By means of raids, players could effectively discover keys which will be utilized to unlock doors within the preceding, enabling access to a lot more rooms within the future. Players could also upgrade the areas they may be building, potentially accessing greater treasures or dangers.

The end boss of your temple may be the Vaal Omnitect. He is positioned within the central chamber, the final temple room.
This space is accessible in case you build a route to it for the duration in the incursions. You might make a way by killing the mobs till they drop a Stone of Passage, then going for the door you’ll want to open together with all the Stone of Passage and opening it. Alternatively, in case you have access for the Explosives Room or possibly a larger tier version by means of the temple instance, it really is probable to create users with the charges discovered inside it to open a path to the central chamber.

The task in Temple of Atzoatl
Your Task is always to hyperlink up with Alva Valai to find 11 portals into the Temple of Atzoatl, one particular in every single location of Wraeclast. Those will take you into a Temporal Incursion, every one a different room inside the significant temple far in the past. Inside, you will come across tons of enemies, like two Vaal Architects. Both Architects have distinct plans for space you are in and based on which a single you kill, the room¡¯s function in the temple will alter.
When you¡¯ve finished all the Temporal Incursions, Alva will likely be able to pinpoint the place of your Temple, back inside the present day. Head there, and you will be treated to a dungeon run that is been set up to reflect your choices within the incursions. Various room configurations will imply various challenges, traps, and monsters to face, and if you play your cards correct, Unique gear that you can not find anywhere else inside the game.

Top#3 The Blood Aqueduct

The Blood Aqueduct is an area in Act 9. This region includes a waypoint and is connected to the Harbour Bridge and Highgate.
Why Farm Blood Aqueduct
When playing by means of the campaign Blood Aqueduct could be the initial area you uncover within the game that may be excellent for farming.
– A linear space
– Very good density
– Divination cards
– Practical experience naturally
If you play by means of the campaign and reach Blood Aqueduct you should be about level 65, give or take a degree or two. If your character feels underpowered, it is perfect to start farming Blood Aqueduct until your character is strong enough to continue. Usually reaching level 70 might be sufficient.
A further benefit is definitely the Divination Cards that drop in this area. Much more on that later.

Resetting the Incidence
A ¡°Map¡± or ¡°area¡± in PoE is known as an incidence. The location could be the ¡°Map¡± as well as the time element refer to that region as a ¡°Incidence.¡± Incidences reset naturally when they have already been vacant for ten to 15 minutes, however, the ¡°Map¡± will still be there, just respawned with enemies and slightly different in layout. A single Blood Aqueduct run really should take less than two minutes, so how do you farm it continuously devoid of waiting for the incidence to reset naturally?
Incidences might be reset manually by holding CNTRL when you port to that particular waypoint. Once you do that a window opens showing you the decrease prices plus the new unexplored incidence. Pick the new type.
It can be freshly populated with meat for the grinder.

The apparent rewards are Knowledge and Currency, but if that is certainly not adequate there is certainly also;

What to choose up
All currency you may need particularly Chaos and Exalted (for those who are fortunate). All the divination cards. All of the rings, amulets and belts over decent good quality (ought to possess a very good Loot Filter). Recipe items for example for Chromatic Orbs.
Leave items that take up extra space than 4 blocks in your stash tab. This way you can do several runs ahead of vending items. This may speed up your clear occasions.

Have Enjoyable
Farming is among the lot more tedious aspects of PoE, however, it is also a necessary component of playing the game. You are able to make it much more intriguing by creating a game of it. Try operating as Quick as you can and maintain trying to beat your own most effective occasions. Performing itatn a party might be much fun.



Top#4 The Twilight Strand

The Twilight Strand is definitely an optional region in Act 6. This region will not possess a waypoint and is connected to Lioneye’s Watch.
The cost on Oni-Goroshi is at the moment crashing tricky, so why not share some tips on generating this faster and substantially more bearable? Most of this could be Prevalent sense, but I’ve noticed a lot of comments suggesting suboptimal farming patterns. It doesn’t seem just like the value on this is going to keep larger a whole lot longer so let’s make the farming less Hard for everyone involved, especially SSF people around. With superior optimization, you are going to be capable of lower rather a handful of hours of the 7-8 hour estimate.
To begin with, I advocate 3 shadows. Your goal really should be to obtain to level 7 as speedy as it is possible to and right after that skip every tiny point to kill Hillock as rapid as you possibly can. With three characters you happen to be far less possible to finish so rapidly that the region will not have respawned even when you get tiny region layouts with Move speed boots following you happen to be 7. With fewer characters, you may also hit level 7 sooner than going as higher as five. If you’d prefer to do two Characters, be conscious you might have to have to wait some seconds involving switching characters when you hit level 7. Ignore all enemies in your very first run, and Hillock will place you to level two irrespective of how much you kill.

Take damage nodes
The straightforward thought, much more harm permits you to kill points extra reliably. The physical and chaos damage nodes in the begin inside the tree are ideal. The first point will let you one-shot just about each enemy if you leave it and let the poison finish it. Only immediately after that, it may enable you to choose up drops less challenging and kill Hillock faster.

Pick what you pick up
The notion here is very simple, and you never want most items as they won’t increase your speed. If you’re uncertain only choose up the following:

Wisdom scrolls

Magic or above boots
2 Iron Rings
1 Rustic Sash
Magic or above claws, daggers, swords
Yellows of other slots are optional
Identify boots looking for move speed bonuses and fill out your character to boost harm to Hillock and decrease individual run times. The aim here will be to get to the end and kill Hillock ASAP while also killing any convenient monsters around the way.

Stick to the path
You are going to speedily uncover to recognize which way the strand is going. Take the shortest route for the Hillock and do not deviate as well far from it. I’ve noticed a lot of people recommend performing Total clears on the area, but this can be considerably slower than optimizing your path and only killing monsters about the way. Hillock on his personal offers as a good deal encounter as about half the whites inside the area so deviating to Kill just about every little thing you see is normally a waste of time.

Focus on killing a thing that’s practical around the way and finding to Hillock ASAP to maximize your exp obtain. A superb rule of thumb is when you’ve got to run greater than a couple of measures out of the path to developing the zombies stand up, skip them. You’ll be able to conveniently pass 20k exp per hour, and 25k in case you get fortunate weapon drops in addition to other DPS increasing rares.

Move immediately right after each and every single attack
You will miss some enemies even with items that roll accuracy on them. Assume you will Miss and run forward a step or two although waiting for the attack cooldown. For all those who Miss an enemy to a lot of instances, ignore it and move on for the subsequent 1. The goal proper here should be to kill troubles in one particular attack and retain moving, standing nonetheless to finish an enemy for 1 kill of exp is not worth it.
Open a stream within your second monitor in the event you have one certain and don’t be afraid to break up the grind, treat it like grinding for Tabula in Blood Aquaducts. You will get it at some point within the occasion you do not would like to buy it, and after you are at level 7, the worst portion is greater than.



Top#5 Beach

Beach Map is according to The Beacon’s beach layout. You’ll find at the moment no distinctive items for this base item kind.

Glace, based on Hailrake.



Top#6 Arid Lake

Arid Lake Map has The Fetid Pool layout. It may be an important, open location working with a pool of water within the center. Players commence within the edge on the Map, plus the boss arena spawns on the opposite side close towards the sea. You might uncover at the moment nobody of Excellent items for this base item kind.

Drought-Maddened Rhoa, according to Oozeback Bloom.

Place boss has 3 nests and 3 packs of Rhoas (1 per nest). Touching the nest will destroy it, restoring 33% with the boss’ maximum nicely getting and building him enraged. Every single enrages (1 distinct per nest) tends to make the fight a great deal tougher, but increases quantity and rarity of items dropped.

Top#7 The Coast

The Coast is an area in Act 6. This location has a waypoint and is connected to Lioneye’s Watch, The Tidal Island, as well as the Mud Flats.

Raihara, Tukohama’s Loyal (special War Hound)
Crustacean Sniper
Tukohama’s Scout
Tukohama’s Vanguard
Tukohama’s Warrior
War Hound


Normally, they’re not worth the problems for reasons that happen to be enough inside the long run. While they’re valuable for players who may well know nothing at all concerning the game. For essentially the most portion, they may be mastering tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For a lot more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you can take a look at U4GM.com. Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps if you Obtain Poe Currency order from this article.


Latest Path Of Exile Abyss League Builds For Pathfinder, Assassin, Elementalist

Within the deepest, blackest reaches, they’ve festered and multiplied. Now, they are clawing their way back to the surface in unprecedented numbers; a hateful swarm of hungering horrors hellbent on reclaiming Wraeclast. Push them back, or be swallowed by the abyss. and Path Of Exile Abyss League Have going half, In this Post, U4gm will share Newest Poe 3.3 Builds For Pathfinder, Assassin, Elementalist.

[Pathfinder] Lioneye’s Signal Fire Tornado shot / Barrage

Fantastic guide dude, carrying out the same stuff together with the raider and Wild Strike for clearing, can you assist me with advice around the 6-link gem to work with for MS? have solutions with Added lightning. ICE bite (Pob says each equal as 25%+) and Elemental concentrate (far more dmg but will lose shock on making use of MS so IDK), going to largely use for endgame bosses T15+ and shaper (cannot play without having Ancestral Contact, it is just also excellent for Shaper and abysses cracks)
Physical defect mods (Sibyl nevertheless blocks this). The two slots loss indicates getting to drop the HoI 4link combo for two which implies fewer ice shatters and Onslaught. Culling Strike and Vaal Lightning Trap/Haste have dropped.
But the single target harm is ridiculously stupid.
POB has my magma balls at roughly ~420k DPS which can be the equivalent of perhaps 5M DPS on a single target boss. Bear in mind that POB would be the bare minimum at the most, elemental penetration is not accurately called (way lower than it really should be) and it doesn’t take account Shade form which grants more APS.

+ Arguably quickest clearing (non-pseudo AOE 5/6L socket skill) Molten Strike build without the need of sacrificing too significantly if any single target harm.
+ All end game content material viable, I’ve done Guardians, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Vaal Temple and Red Elder
+ Can do every single map mod (Sibyl’s Lament equipped for Elemental-reflect, hybrid flask for can not leech – I use divination distillate)
+ Most bosses may be Facetanked and Facerolled
+ It’s a pathfinder, so quickly @ mapping and may support biscuits! I never even switch for the single target gems on finish game bosses
– Regrettably, I did not level with this build and cannot think of it getting a league starter atm resulting from Ranger not possessing access to loads of the core gems within this build. I’d most likely not suggest this for SSF. On request, I can deliver leveling uniques as well as a leveling guide.
– This Build is not a spending budget build if you need to Facerolling everything. The builds I took inspiration from above are far better in terms of bang-for-buck (does sacrifice evident speed although).
– I am not confident to put this as a con or not, but this build thrives with correct flask management

Video Link: https://streamable.com/me1uh
PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/Y8w7GC6C
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yay7yo8x
Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2061931

[Assassin] The Lightning Assassin – Everything Viable – ClearSpeed/Endgame

The mana leech around the gloves is just a bonus, does not matter that a lot.
But in the event you got one particular it could be the high trigger if you are not utilizing warlord’s mark (utilizing Derek’s grip alternatively), this could be the source of mana leech (you can cap your mana leech by utilizing the orb of storms only).
Alira would be good for those who lack some resistance, but I’d alternatively go for a further jewel socket and get a life/res abyssal jewel (which can be generally effortless and low-cost to acquire).
Effectively you not wrong regarding the precision node, you could possibly go for a further socket and get a jewel with some dex on it. if so, apart from the dex, some further life and harm would be beautiful at the same time

Build Gems:

LT+Nova 6L setup (For bosses):
Lightning Tendrils – Cast though Channelling – Lightning Penetration – Shock Nova – Concentrated Effect – Controlled Destruction

LT+Arc 6L setup(For mapping):
Lightning Tendrils – Cast whilst Channelling – Lightning Penetration – Arc – Added Lightning Harm – Controlled Destruction

Curse + BlindStorm (CWDT):
Cast when Damage Taken(Lv.1) – Enfeeble(or Warlord’s) – Firestorm – Blind

Orb of PowerCharges:
Orb of Storms – Energy Charge On Essential – Arcane Surge(Lv.7) – Improved Important Strikes

IC + Vaal Haste :
Cast when Damage has taken – Immortal Get in touch with – Elevated Duration – Vaal haste

Lightning Warp :
Lightning Warp – More rapidly Casting – Much less Duration
(don’t use it in case your gems are low levels, use Fram Dash rather)

Golem + Grace:
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y9q5tumq
Build Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2062636


[Elementalist] Mjolner Rainbow Rambo – 15 charges discharge – Guardians/Red Map Elder + Guardians

Running a five-link within your offhand having a high-level immortal contact + efficacy + increased duration + arcane surge + more quickly casting. When you have endurance charges, self-cast that timeless call and swap back to Mjolner and appreciate a 15% extra spell damage for about 45 seconds at a time.

Essential uniques:
Mjolner: The pillar of this build. Casts discharge and arc/ball lightning at a speedy pace.
Romira’s Banquet: Paired with Resolute Technique, this ring generates all your power charges on each and every hit (such as these from spells!) in order constantly to be capped on charges.
Voll’s Devotion: This is how you generate infinite endurance charges. Every time discharge consumes a power charge; you get them all back as endurance charges.
Golden Rule: Allows you to reflect bleeds you inflict on oneself. Considering that we’re making use of a molten strike to proc items, you’re only dealing extremely tiny bleeds to yourself which it is possible to promptly out regen on top rated of blood rage.
The Red Trail: The reason why you may need to bleed. Create a frenzy charge on hit when bleeding allows for constant costs.
Kingsguard: This can be exactly where 60% of your healing comes from. With this build, you acquire back 500 life just about every time you discharge, that is about 2000 life per second. Possibly a bit more.
PoB Hyperlink: : https://pastebin.com/0Zrk3C7v
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y8u4k8kp
Build Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2063202


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GGG May Run A Path Of Exile Convention In New Zealand

Are you interested in flying to New Zealand to attend PoE convention? Yes, you did not hear wrong. GGG have recently been considering the idea of running a Path of Exile convention in New Zealand late next year, as a great opportunity to meet their fans and to announce 4.0.0.

As these events take a long time to plan, GGG wanted to find out how many of their players would be interested in flying to New Zealand to attend a convention like this.


They’re planning to hold ExileCon in their home city of Auckland, New Zealand. This allows all of their developers to attend and lets them run a larger and more interesting event than if they had to arrange it in a foreign city.

Here’s some of the stuff they would love to have at ExileCon:

  • Announcement of whatever the next large expansion is (tentatively December 2019’s 3.9.0, according to their schedule)
  • Announcement of the 4.0.0 mega-expansion
  • A play area with computers set up for demos of all products announced
  • Talks from Grinding Gear Games developers about their areas of expertise
    Finals of various tournaments
  • A Merchandise shop
  • Developer signing sessions
  • Some type of party
  • Swag bag potentially containing exclusive microtransactions and some physical items.

Because they’re planning to hold ExileCon in New Zealand, travel costs may be expensive for many of their users. This is why they’re announcing their intention to investigate this event so early. New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit in Summer, so they figured that if they give enough notice, people can plan more extensive holidays around New Zealand after attending ExileCon.

They don’t yet know how expensive tickets to ExileCon will be, but the predominant cost is likely to be the international travel and accommodation in Auckland. They’ll try to arrange discounted hotel rooms for attendees and offer various tickets options to meet different budgets.

To all non-kiwis! I highly suggest flying down to NZ at some point in your lives, it is a beautiful place and a very welcoming place. If you have the time and the budget, come down during ExileCon and plan for a sight-seeing trip for the week after. Two birds with one stone. For more news on PoE, please click https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile.

First Time Racing/Level 100 Got Rank 2 Inquisitor – Path of Exile

I played EK nova to start, that was ok till around level 90. Then I was falling behind rank 1 by a lot, and I msged him what he was doing, he said he was being carried by a KB wander, so I respected my character to KB wander. At level 98 I bought a windripper and respect very little to change to windripper build because we were farming belfry and TS was suppose to be better on open maps. That was a huge mistake, I got less defense with out MoM and did less damage.

Flashback was Definitely

This character profile is a little out of date, I took out some life nodes and added some burning damage node after I hit 100 to farm HotGM. When I was pushing 100 I had 8900 life, I used an [[Advancing Fortress]] and didn’t run rumi’s used another utility flask instead. Of course, If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

This was done on SC ladder

  • I wasn’t planning on getting level 100 when i started the race, I simply wanted a level 95 to enter into the raffle. Which is already higher than my prev highest level character.
  • After I no lifed for the first 2 days, I was in the top 4 inquisitor on the ladder and my friends were also high on their perspective ladders so we decided why not give it a push.
  • I died 8 times on level 98, almost made me give up on the alt art demi. But a good 8 hour sleep cured the saltiness
  • Before the race started I wanted to to push elder to t15 and get elder orb because i still need the kill uber elder challenge, but on my first elder spawn I saw that I can get an elder ring that includes Underground Sea, Toxic Sewer, and Belfry. Those are the best maps for xp/h so I kept the elders and his guardians and made my elder ring instead. I got my fragments 1 – 7 on my atlas and 8-10 from my friends shaped high level maps.
  • The elder ring I setup on day 2 really helped with our ladder push, I don’t think we could done it without the elder ring.
  • I wasted a lot of time and currency getting an elder map and mirroring it thinking I can do the elder map trick on friend’s atlas to get elder orb, but then after some research i found out i need to kill all the elder guardians for that trick to work, and I didn’t want to break the ring.
  • People are asking what I played

Changes I Would love To See with Bestiary in Standard – PoE

Following up to the nice video Octavian did about clarity vs. obscurity and tidyness vs. convoluted, I thought about the fact that come a few eeks time Bestiary will probably sigh go to standard.

poe  discussiom

I liked the Beastiality League in it’s final itteration, but it is far from the best league we ever had. Most of this, imho, stems from the fact that it had really convoluted mechanics, layers of RNG and rulesets, and as a casual you couldn’t really profit from it because you had to dive in skindeep to get how to sell the beasts and how to buy them.

So here are my suggestions, maybe not for now because it is too late, but maybe to be considered for later:

Get rid of the nets
We get the button, fixed, it appears as soon as you meet Einhar in the second act on some waypoint, and from then on you find and can catpture beasts. Even dead ones. Only difference: Dead beasts don’t give loot,” alive” ones do. Simple solution for showing the player: You should catch them alive!

When you catch a beast, the net transforms into a beast-orb. You pick that up, and it is stored in the stash. No book in an extra tab, clutter.

Get rid of the menagerie
Yes, that is sad, but it is completely superfluous. Instead, Einhar can be invited to your hideout, and the higher he levels (and he levels without dailies, but just by capturing beasts, and it is more exp the higher you get, and more exp if they are alive), the more recipies you get (but PLEASE, no more than 150 or some, but keep the one for Horizon Orbs)

Get rid of the Blood Altar
You beastcraft by selling the orbs to Einhar. You can even keep the UI we had until now, just change the mechanic. No stupid fights, no extra clutter. Basically Einhar works like the prophecy lady for trading in div cards.

Use the tileset created for the menagerie as hideout for Einhar. I’d love to see another outdoors HO.

By doing all that, the systems of beastcrafting get a lot clearer, it is way easier to understand how to trade the beasts and you can even sell another stash tab just for those orbs.

I think it is inevitable that Bestiary will be incorporated into standard. It has way too much stuff to just be thrown away. But maybe delay until next expansion, and work it over until it is uncluttered enough to not make PoE into a nightmare for new players. And we need a constant stream of new players and returning players to keep any game alive. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

Do You Know Deal With The Bandits In PoE

In Path of Exile, there are 3 different bandit leaders which you can either side with or kill in order to get different rewards. You will get this quest after you finish Through Sacred Ground and Intruders in Black quests, poe trade currency is an integral part of the game.

Kraityn: Located in Broken Bridge (entrance located in Old Fields -> Crossroads -> Broken Bridge)

  • Reward for siding with him is a permanent increase of +8 to all elemental resists (excluding chaos resistance).
  • Cruel and Merciless difficulty rewards are 8% attack speed and 1 maximum Frenzy charge, respectively.
  • To get to Kraityn’s location you can just follow the road. He’s far east or northeast of the map.

Alira: Located in Alira’s Camp (entrance located in River Crossings -> Western Forest -> Alira’s Camp).

Path of Exile

  • Fairly easy to kill bandit, summons zombies and uses Corpse Explosion.
  • Reward for siding with her is a permanent increase of 30 Mana.
  • Cruel and Merciless difficulty rewards are 4% cast speed and 1 maximum Power charge, respectively.
  • To get to her just follow the road until you get to a torch, which marks the start of a mud road that leads directly to her camp.

Oak: Located in Pools & Streams (entrance located in River Crossings -> Vaal Ruins LvL-1 -> Vaal Ruins LvL-2 -> Pools & Streams).

  • Note that access to Vaal Ruins require completion of ‘The Weaver’s Needle’ and ‘Delving into Sin’ side quests.
  • Reward for siding with him is a permanent increase of 40 Life
  • Cruel difficulty reward is 18% physical damage, and 1 max Endurance charge on Merciless.
  • Following the river in Pools and Streams will lead you to the waypoint and Oak’s camp.

And finally you can choose not to side with any of the bandit leaders and simply kill each of them. If you choose to do so, simply turn-in the 3 amulets pieces to Eramir in the Forest Encampment.

Reward for killing the three bandit leaders is a free skill point (on all difficulties). My recommendation is to take the free passive skill point if you’re in a dilemma as it’s usually the most valuable reward, at least on normal difficulty. At this time there’s no way to change bandit quest rewards later on, but GGG has mentioned it will be available in the future.

No matter if you’ve sided with one of the bandit leader or if you’ve killed them all, completion of this quest will provide you with the quest item Apex which you will use on the Dark Altar in Pyramid to summon the last boss Vaal Oversoul and open the gateway leading to Act 3.

Path of Exile – Boss Fights Difficulty in this Game

I’m like level 60-65 right now and I have a lot of fun clearing map locations – it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge but mostly I go through them without big issues. Once I reach a boss fight however, the game experience transforms into a nightmare, i.e., most of them kill me with one hit and their aoe attacks cover significant part of the arena. After few attempts of trying to do my best, once my current level experience is completely gone, I rush the boss and die a dozen times until he’s defeated.

path of exile

So what I cannot figure out is what’s the point of raising diffficulty so heavily for these fights. Most of the times it feels more frustrated because it costs me a lot of experience, yet the loot is often crappy. I’m also aware that my own character build is probably far away from being perfect and surely there are builds that deal with bosses with ease, but doesn’t it signify exactly opposite problem? I mean, if my character is quite decent to fight normal monsters right know, someone good enough to deal with bosses would literally smash all these poor monsters with one hit or would be almost completely resistant to their attacks, which doesn’t seem to me fun at all.

Difficuly level of boss fights in this game seems outrageously high compared to normal areas enemies. Am I missing the point of it or is it like that for no real reason?

I’m playing duelist with sword and shield, it don’t rely on any web builds but in short it mainly depends on evasion and very little armour, leeching hp/mp and inflicting poison/bleeding on enemies. Do you experience situations when killing non special enemies feels way to effortless to you? Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

Path of Exile

Chaos Recipe for the Middle Class – How To Do It Properly in Detail – PoE

This is the biggest part of what makes or breaks doing the Chaos Recipe efficiently. Again, the principle here is that we never want to be manually “click-dragging” items around – instead, we set up the tab to fully self-organise by way of ctrl+click spamming. Inventory micromanagement is the biggest thing that gives the Chaos Recipe a bad name, so we’re going to eliminate it. If you need poe items cheap in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

Chaos Recipe efficiently

The basic logical background here is that our right-to-left column order should address, in descending order of importance, base types that need to be refilled during the cash-out to fully clear the tab, things that are easy to acquire and don’t require refilling to clear the tab, followed by bottleneck items we will be waiting on in order to be able to start clearing out a full tab. A fully completed recipe quad tab yields 48c. The layout structure also allows us a mentally autopiloted cash-out process where we empty our inventory and get 4c at a time, both avoiding vendor window layout hiccups and leaving 20c worth of inventory slots before you need to move the chaos out of your inventory. So the way to go about this is to take the items you’re farming and fill them out as follows. Only ever ctrl+click fill one category at a time until it’s done; don’t ever be tempted to manually drag shit around.

First 3 columns
A triple of 1h weapons (1×3), with an additional 24-30 of these sitting in your dump tab or a backfill reg/quad tab. We put this first because about halfway through cashing out our recipe tab, you will need to ctrl+click refill these in order to continue.

Next 4 columns
A double ilvl60-74 chests, with an additional 12ish sitting in your dumptab or a backfill tab. We put this second because when there are 5-6 linear sets (10-12 recipes or 20-24c) of gear remaining, we will need to refill these to continue, so we ctrl+click refill them right after we’ve ctrl+click refilled the weapons.

Next 14 columns (4, 4, 4, 2)
A double of hats, a double of gloves, a double of boots, a single column of belts. (Remember that “belt” in your searchbar won’t filter in %phys belts – if you’re short on belts type “sash”.)

Final 3 columns
A single of amulets, a double of rings. These will fill up the slowest – you’ll be “waiting on them” to cash out – so we put them last to keep the fill process automatic.

Additional advice: In the first week or so of league, make your recipe tab a ~b/o 5c, and ID hats/boots/gloves/+life, %phys, +str belts/all rings and amulets. Whisper-spam = evaluate item, reprice to shop tab. Transition to full unID recipe after first week.

Path of Exile

PoE: The Arc Witch Doesn’t Need To Be A Very Crit-Heavy Build!

Understandably, when each cast of the skill is bouncing around and hitting as much as 11 different opponents, the DPS can also add up rather rapidly. Keep in mind that the DPS reflected within the tooltip isn’t suggesting the entire story. The tooltip DPS is for everybody enemy hit, so you should multiply the tooltip number by however many opponents you’re hitting at the same time using the ability to get a far more accurate continue reading your DPS.

poe witch

Shock is really a lightning-based status condition. Shock increases an opponents damage taken by as much as 50% for some time in line with the quantity of lightning damage worked through the player. The Arc skill offers a natural 10% opportunity to shock any opponents hit because of it.

The Arc Witch doesn’t need to be a very crit-heavy build. Rather, just carry enough crit to lead to fairly regular Elemental Overload procs. Elemental Overload provides the player a 40% increase to break worked around the condition that you’ve arrived a vital hit within the last eight seconds.

The Very Best Defense, is really a Good?- Defense
Regardless of how good your build is, you won’t end up with far in PoE if you’re too simple to kill. Therefore, you have to make certain your character has lots of defense. This really believes it or not the case with the Arc Witch. Block is a great way to improve your defense because it provides up to and including 75% opportunity to completely eliminate spells and attacks.

Good causes of Block would be the Ascendancy Class, Bone Offering, along with other passive abilities and equipment. An essential caveat of Block is it doesn’t mitigate damage with time or any other secondary damaging effects.

Everybody Loves Their Mother
A great way to make amends for Block’s lack of ability to mitigate damage with time is running the Keystone, Mind over Matter. Mother is popular in many Witch builds in PoE 3.2, for a good reason. Mother takes 30% of incoming damage from the source and redirects it towards the mana pool.

Playing the Arc Witch
The Arc Witch isn’t a passive build. You need to be constantly on the go, as well as on your toes. You might also need so that you can keep an eye on the timing of a lot of different skills, buffs, along with other products. If you’re not on the top of the cooldowns, you won’t receive the most from this build’s rotation.

After you have your rotation lower, the Arc Witch is very easy to play. Simply approach a pack of trash mobs, junk e-mail Arc until they’re dead, start to another pack, and repeat all over again. It’s suggested to make use of Flame Dash occasionally to obtain an Arcane Surge proc, and employ Orb of Storms in the center of several mobs to obtain your Elemental Overload proc. Of course, you can get the really poe orbs cheap here, U4GM is a reliable online PoE Service store, where players can get all kinds of items and currency that they wish to obtain in Path of Exile!