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In MU Legend, 3rd Expert Skill Recommend

In MU Legend game, if you want to raise your game level or make better use of the characters in the game, you can learn some skills. There are some point of view about skill recommend.

New PVP Content, New Class, Progression, Crafting & More

What do you recommend as 3rd expert skill? One person said this on this issue:”I’ve seen some of top warmages using destruction too, but it isnt that good imo, also wallop skill looks stronk, maybe for pvp or sth like that, but since im focused on collecting my gear, which isnt that easy playin solo w/o spending money on that shit, so there’s another question, u think its worth putting gems into ancient gear or its better to buy for eg. mythic weapons from AH and then putting gems into em and lvl it up with blesses. och I almost forgot.. about soul skillz im wondering if crit rate is worth puttin so much points, im not focusing on pvp so 60points passive is useless for me, so maybe CD > crit rate in that case or its better to put 30hp 30crit rate and rest cd? For now I do have 15.6 % crit with 47 points in crit rate which gives me 4.7% rate so its not that high so maybe 30 points in rate and rest in cd its not that bad idea dunno.”
Another person said,” This is my personal preference. As far as expert skills I use the 20% defense debuff, every 10th skill increases damage(can’t remember exact wording), and the 5% CD. I personally think CD > crit for war mage so if your still gearing up I would try to aim for 50% CD first. Your main damage will come from your hallucinatory infection, fire curtain, and fire clutches so having those at half time is a huge help. Especially getting hallucinatory down from 30s to 15s. As far as soul points 30 health is a must for wm. Then I would recommend going for 60 CD this will give you 12% cd on top of the 5% from skill. Not to mention having your skills reset every 60 to 90 seconds is a nice bonus. After that I would recommend either putting points in atk or crit chance depending on your stats. As far as gems I would recommend getting the basic soulstones that give 2.5% CD for shoulders and 2.5% crit for 1h weapon the rest are up to you. Most people put beast gems because majority of bosses in epic are beast type. When you start getting into legendary soulstones that require sage stone.”

Last, someone also said:” you need crit cap on wm for both pvp/pve. 30% (with souls/gems/gear) then go for lvl 30+ hysteria artifact, then max cdr, just go to rankings and look at the top vms.”

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Four Classes In MU Legend: Character Can Spell Skill On A Continuous Basis

MU Legend is the successor game of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to travel time to the past. The MU Legend game guide is an extensive guide and tips that can help you when playing with an MMO. We provide a wealth of news and updates, such as underground systems, acquisition and improvement of equipment, acquisition and development of animal companions, visit the official website here.

MU Legend

The combat mechanism of the MU Legend is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking the view from the top down. It is noteworthy that the character’s skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. character can spell skill on a continuous basis. The ARPG is aimed at PvE and PvP friends. Dungeon crawlers are just as much fun as players who like to compete in direct duel with other gamers.

A description of all available characters in the game, along with information on the gameplay and the suggested paths for their development. A detailed description of the underground system – the types of dungeons available, the impact of difficulty levels on potential treasures, and monsters inside or how to clean them. A series of tips on all aspects of the game, FAQ Chapters for answers to the most pressing questions, stay tuned U4GM, you will also have chance to buy cheap MU Legend Zen.

At U4GM, more information of including the characters in the game (Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer), showing its strengths and weaknesses, the way the game is played, and the suggested paths to their development. On top of that, According to the original story, your character has lost all memory, so from a heroic hero level of 100 weapons armed with all kinds of skills in the introduction.

The Fun Features Of MU Legend Empower The Character In A New Direction

MU Legend also has tons of fun features that need to be explored as well as pets, make upgrades and furnishings to empower the character in a new direction. It’s note to important that PvP and PvE, promising to bring the highest levels between the players together.

MU Legend

This also means MU Legend players have to find ways to overcome the strength of the opponent, find a specific direction for themselves to be able to win. Of course, other ways can also increase the chance to win such as buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling in time.

MU Legend has implemented both PvE-based game variants and PvP multiplayer duel modes. The latter can consist of clashes of up to two teams of up to ten people or one-on-one battles where we face other players controlled by artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that such skirmishes take place on specially prepared arenas.

MU Legend on PC Windows platform is characterized by high quality, three-dimensional graphics. Noteworthy are the advanced special effects that accompany the throwing of elemental offensive spells. MU Legend takes place on the title, mythical continent, which the world heard through James Churchward. He claimed that more than fifty thousand years ago on Earth existed the advanced civilization of the Naacals, which inhabited this land.

In MU Legend, from the content similar or removed from the original MU Online, the developers noted the already mentioned Blood Castle, Jewel of Bless stones, a system of wings and mounts, as well as heroes that players meet on the plot. You should know more tips and tricks in relation to the game, recommend you go to website now.

Webzen Has Confirmed Plans To Open The Worldwide Test Of MU Legend


Unlike the previous version, in this second version, the graphics of MU Legend is extremely meticulous design, the characters, equipment, and monsters are sharper, more realistic and lively. It’s no wonder that MU Legend is an online game ranked among the blockbuster games are the most popular gamers worldwide.

MU Legend

In MU Legend, the skills of each character class are possessed of high versatility, especially with the appearance of the “cooldown” mechanism that requires the player to use multiple skills at the same time instead of the mouse skill. Want to learn more useful guides and tricks? Highly recommend you go to website. A wealth of guides, news, tips, videos, screenshots and comment from experienced gamers, all is what you need.

Webzen, the publisher of the MU Legend game, has announced it will open its worldwide test on September. Previously, the game has experienced twice Closed Beta Test, the publisher pay more attention to implement the Global Open Beta Test. Webzen has confirmed plans to work on additional localizations of the game, in order to satisfy the high expectations of its global communities.

Generally speaking, the MU Legend shows significant changes and is necessary to make the gameplay richer and more animated. What’s more, the graphics of MU Legend effects are quite varied, the surrounding landscape is also designed in a massive manner, the architectural style of the Western role-playing game. Anyway, gamers from throughout the world are addicted to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

Mu Legend & Dark Lord: A Command Or Destruction Type Of Class

Initially, the classes of MU Legend that were introduced seem to be based on the old MU Online character classes. Specifically, War Mage is somewhat similar to Dark Wizzard, Blader is similar to the Dark Knight class, Dark Lord is retained while Whisperer resembles the Elf (archers class). Gamers are fulled with excitement for buying MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend

One of character class in MU Legend: Dark Lord, it can be regarded as either a command or destruction type of class. The Dark Lord took up the role of leading battles on the frontline. Various recovery and support skills allow him to maximize the combat efficiency of party members.

Dark Lord Command – Monarchs Touch
Throws a hook and pulls all enemies in that direction toward you, inflicting damage at 425% physical attack

Dark Lord Command – Vicious Charge
Enables you to charge at a selected loaction. Inflicts AoE damage on enemies in front of you at 495% physical attack and taunts them forcing them to attack you for 2.5 seconds.

Dark Lord Command – Regards Rage
Summons a statue of Rugard that inflicts 650%/900%/1250% physical AoE damage and knocks the targets backward.

Dark Lord Command – Weapon Throw
Throws a weapon to a specific location, inflicting damage at 400% physical attack. Inflicts damage to enemies in the weapon’s trajectory at 300% physical attack. Decreasing their movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Beside that above mentioned four command, including also Call Of Destruction and Fire Bludgeon and so forth. If you desire to know more information, reference from here.

Gamers Can Enjoy The Mu Legend And Hack & Slash MMORPG Features

According to the developer of Mu Legend, at present, they are developing Mu Legend. They might need to change or improve the game because servicing the game. It is important and need to make it enjoyable for the players. At U4GM, we will try to update news to every one about Mu Legend, and reference to here.

Mu Legend

Hack & Slash games are well known for giving users ability to gather monsters and wiping them out. Users will able to enjoy the Mu Legend and its Hack & Slash MMORPG game features. But making them too easy will make the users not challenged enough, so the developer created various contents and system to strengthen up the character, with each dungeon having different difficulty, even hardcore gamers will able to enjoy the Mu Legend.

As the developer elaborated, they try to update the gorgeous effects and the design concept that using the primary color into more recent trend design, and using Unreal engine for the development was based on those decisions. They brought the heroes from the Mu Online who only appears in the scenario into the game world and allow them to lead the story of Mu Legend.

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Mu Legend All Characters Are Equipped With AOE Skills At Low Levels

Mu Legend is not really a remake as much as whole new game with some familiar names and similar items and stuff. Accordingly, Mu Legend will be a fast-paced action like hack ‘n’ slash. Not only that, all the characters in the Mu Legend are equipped with AOE skills at low levels and force you to make logical combos while maintaining this level of play.

Mu Legend

Some gamers deem that all types of AOE skills are quite boring, But in truth, Mu Legend allows gamers to customize the characters as well as the skills they have to create their own mark. Gamers can fully orient their adventure. You will be a skilled boss hunter with high combat skills or support for more awesome teammates.

There is also another feature that gamers love to play Mu from the past, which is a big difference when PvE and PvP, promising to bring the highest levels between players together. This also means Mu Legend players have to find ways to overcome the strength of the opponent, find a specific direction for themselves to be able to win.

In addition, some new information about gameplay Mu Legend also added. U4GM is about Mu Legend’s information, you can find more information about Mu Legend on U4GM, and U4GM will update the game information from time to time, hope it will useful for you. For information about Mu Legend, click here to get more.

Mu Legend Provides PvP And PvE Focused Content And Events

With the launch of the second global Mu Legend has reached another huge milestone. If you want to bring peace to the world and realize your true potential, then MU Legend is the place to do it. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join arms with friends to take on the endless waves in the dark dungeons. For more news and guides about Mu Legend, reference to here more.

Mu Legend

Dungeons And Rifts
The game has numerous instanced based dungeons that can be entered all around the world, often story driven this content is repeatable and can be played solo or coop with a group.

With Rifts the dungeons themselves are procedurally generated and so the monsters players face and the layout of the dungeon itself is different every time, with the content they go up against being scaled to the player.

Players can choose the difficulty of standard dungeons to increase the challenge and available rewards, whereas periodically Rifts open up Dark Rifts which naturally have an increased difficulty.

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U4GM & Mu Legend: Professional Team, Knowledge And Service

Mu Legend, a large number of PVP modes in addition to stunning images. Mu Legend may be a hack-and-slash sequel for you to Mu Online along with includes game play comparable to which associated with internet action-RPGs. Millions of players around the globe have cared deeply regarding regarding over a decade. More Mu Legend information bring up to date, recommend check out more here.


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In Mu Legend, the combat feels smooth and dungeons can be challenging. Gamers also hope they add a lot more classes and content. At the moment MU2 is the good game coming in the near months. More official news and guides about Mu Legend, why not to visit here:


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