Albion Online: The Game Is Entirely Based On The Players

Albion Online is a sandbox game where everything is built by, sold by, destroyed by — and all other by’s you can think of — the players. As a cross-platform online game, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android gamers can interact with each other, which means you can access your account on any device.

Players will be able to master the entire world in Albion Online, in particular, players can occupy land, create furniture as well as buildings, loot other people, conduct PvP or create their own multiplayer classes. In addition to the customization options, Sandbox Games claims that the MMO will not have a “pay-to-win” affair, who is hardworking, fortunate and smart. Smart will be stronger!

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The Fifth Class Emphasizer Of Mu Legend And More Details

Mu Legend is a game not only fulfilling the huge potential of the original game, but also applying the latest game trends. For a Western release, we are currently working on bringing the game to the West. Once a concrete schedule is finalized, we will officially announce the upcoming schedule. According to Webzen Head of Global Business Richard Moon elaborated.


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The Biggest Update Galahad Contents Before Albion Is Launched

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Albion Online will be a game based on grinding and small team PvP with the occasional group fight. Are you eagerly expecting the release of Albion Online? now, the new Sandbox MMORPG that promises to change some elements. Until now, Galahad update, as the biggest update that one of the last before the official game release on July, has been successfully deployed.

Galahad update revamped a new open world to explore, including a new Royal Continent and Outlands. Among various changes and improvements, it seemingly everything is brand-new. New PVE content and challenges await players both in the open world and in special expedition missions which can be tackled solo or as a group.

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FFXIV & The Second Expansion: 14 Day Free Trial Is Over

For Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enxi has been updating the game pretty consistently, due to developer’s support and fans strong enthusiasm, eventually, Final Fantasy XIV has better than previous gameplay. In June, the forthcoming expansion, e second expansion is coming. Hence, gamers will be exposed to this great MMO. For more info about cheap FFXIV gil, please visit or go to.


Previously, Square Enix allowed new gamers to try FFXIV in a free trial that was very limited. But, Square Enix has removed the two-week limit on the free demo. So you can go and do everything without worrying about how much time you have left in the trial period.

The level cap of 35 is still active, but players now have access to many other areas and gameplay features that weren’t available in the previous test built – like trying different jobs, running the first 10 levels of Deep Dungeon, testing their luck at the Golden Saucer, and more.

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Albion Online Just Released An Infographic To Show Beta Statistics

Sandbox Interactive has just released a new infographic to show the statistics about the last phase of Albion Online beta.

The data was collected from the exit of the update Galahad, on March 13 and April 9. The numbers include more than 212 thousand Founder from 164 countries, who together have played a total time of 2.8 million hours. In addition 124 thousand people have died in PvP, while more than 850 thousand rabbits were killed by the player.


According to the developers the players seem really ready for the official launch of the sandbox MMORPG, scheduled for July 17.

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Final Fantasy XIV Massive And Intriguing Fantasy World

When take a look back on FFXIV’s original launch in 2010, arguably, it was a massive failure. However, a few years later, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was launched on PC as well as PS3 to critical and commercial success. The fantasy continent of Eorzea is beautiful, overall visuals is so fantastic.


Mu Legend possess detailed vistas as well as weather effects cover the deserts, seascapes and forests. Characters and gear are relized to the most minute of details. And Square-Enix’s bestiary is brimming with highly detailed, distinct foes to face. It’s a massive world that constantly delivers breathtaking sights.

When it comes to the MMO itself, Final Fantasy XIV, actually, A Realm Reborn is a truly deep as well as engaging experience. Gamers aren’t locked into a single class and can swap between character types simply by changing gear. Equip a sword to be a gladiator, a staff to be a mage and so on.

Leveling multiple classes unlocks hybrid jobs from the hallowed Final Fantasy job system such as a black mages, dragoons and bards. Carrying different types of gear around allows you to swap classes/jobs on the fly, adding a wealth of diversity to the gameplay.