World of Warcraft:Battlegrounds

The BGs, where half the battle is stayin’ alive, are points of strategic importance to both the Alliance and the Horde. In the trenches, forests, and plains of these instanced areas, players fight members of the opposite faction while completing a wide range of objectives. Don’t get carried away in the heat of battle, focus on the mission and stick to your battle brothers and sisters. Keep what you capture, don’t leave anything undefended and never, EVER, fight on the roads (to hell). Remember, there are more honor points in victory; all else is dust, easily swept away.

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Resource Race

Keep the resources flowing into the stores of your faction by capturing and holding nodes. Stall the enemy, disrupt their operations and you may soon be cruisin’ the road to victory.Resource Race

Arathi Basin                          Requires Level 10
Eye of the Storm                   Requires Level 35
Battle for Gilneas                   Requires Level 75
Deepwind Gorge                    Requires Level 90
Silvershard Mines                  Requires Level 90
Temple of Kotmogu               Requires Level 90

Capture the Flag

Sneak into the enemy’s fort, take their symbol of pride (flag) and return triumphantly (means: alive) to your own flag. Do not allow the enemy to take your flag or you will be unable to capture theirs.

Warsong Gulch                     Requires Level 10
Twin Peaks                          Requires Level 75


CRUSH YOUR ENEMIEEEES, NYAHHHHHHHHHHHH! What? Oh… *ahem*. Ride into the fields of battle and clash with the enemy force. Burn down their towers, obliterate their defenses and eliminate, or secure, high priority targets.

Alterac Valley                        Requires Level 45
Strand of the Ancients            Requires Level 65
Isle of Conquest                     Requires Level 75
Wintergrasp                           Requires Level 75
Tol Barad                               Requires Level 85


Deployment Options

When the drums of war begin to thunder, the choice is in your hands. Whether you’re being hot-dropped in the nearest available front (Random Battlegrounds), or you decide to heed the Call to Arms (weekly Battleground where the fighting is at its thickest), you’ll be rewarded with additional PvP currency. Conversely, if you prefer to pick your battles, you can select specific Battlegrounds, or exclude up to two of them from the list (click the ).

Once you’ve proven yourself in the field and earned your weapons and armor, it’s time to crank it up a notch. Assemble an elite fighting unit of nine like-minded—and geared—friends or guildmates, and head into the Rated Battlegrounds. These will put your abilities and teamwork skills to the ultimate test, for with the greatest challenge come the greatest rewards.

Whatever your decision might be, remember this piece of wisdom: sometimes it is okay to turn tail and /waggle (especially when outnumbered).

Final Fantasy XIV of The mandatory early dungeons

Ain't no kind of fun like mandatory fun 'cause mandatory fun ain't optional.

You’re going to be exploring at least three dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV no matter what, possibly more. Progression in the main story requires a trip through Sastasha Seagrot, the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and Copperbell Mines. While I’ve talked a great deal about the ethics of including this grouping experience, what I haven’t really discussed are the actual dungeons themselves, even though that’s certainly a big deal.

Let’s be honest here: If this stuff isn’t fun, all of the talk about the validity of forced grouping is kind of pointless. Even if you can, there are times when you shouldn’t.

Fortunately for the long-term viability of these dungeons, all three have more than just nice loot (which is apparently shared between them); they also offer a fun ride through regardless. So as you could probably infer from all of the text up to this point, let’s take a gander at the first three dungeons in the game and the ones we know for a fact you have to clear right off.

Apropos of nothing, one of my beta characters.Constant, universal truths

First of all, as mentioned, all three dungeons seem to share the same fundamental loot list, including some very nice and visually distinct chestpieces you can earn for Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic. They’re worth hunting down for cosmetics or for lower-level classes, certainly. I know I saw the same aetherial weapons drop in two separate dungeons. So there’s not one dungeon or another that’s better for loot purposes.

There’s not one that’s better or worse for experience, either; all of them are pretty excellent for that purpose. Rank 2 hunting logs generally have a few enemies in them from these dungeons, who are utterly unmissable, and every single dungeon pushed me up another level by the time I had finished. Even when I re-ran Tam-Tara and had to sync down, I got a very hefty chunk of experience in the equation, meaning that there’s plenty of benefit to running something and syncing down once again.

Most pulls at this level don’t require more than basic group coordination and focus on one target at a time and so forth. I’m told that later on it’s more important to order your kills, but I’m not sure how much of that is just a matter of things getting dicey if the whole party is attacking different things. Focus on one thing and bring it down.

The layout of each dungeon is straightforward, with a couple of branching paths here and there that lead to an extra chest or two. You can argue that it’s not cool to have your dungeon experience be largely a line; I have actually played through the original Wailing Caverns in World of Warcraft, so I am entirely fine with the idea that you can’t wind up looping in circles for a week.

Also, despite queueing up for each dungeon as DPS, I never had wait times of more than 20-odd minutes. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that it’s a beta, perhaps it’s the server, and perhaps a lot of things. The point of anecdotal data stands for those who want such.

Seriously, these are not nice people.Sastasha: Pirates until you can pirate no more

Was there ever a hope that La Noscea’s first dungeon would be about anything other than pirates? Limsa Lominsa’s entire tourism board consists of reminding everyone that pirates exist, and here we are, dealing with pirates. The quest is even called It’s Probably Pirates, for crying out loud. Because pirates.

Cards on the table: I am completely sick of pirates and have been since I was eight or so. At least Final Fantasy XIV generally portrays them as a bunch of criminal thugs who happen to be on a boat instead of lovable scamps with an organ that generates flip one-liners.

Let’s talk about the actual content of the dungeon: You have a running fight with a pirate captain which consists of killing adds, you fight a kitty and learn to not stand in things, and you don’t get any really nifty mechanics until the last boss requires you to seal grates or deal with adds spawning. What it does offer is lovely scenery, with all of the Las Noscean cave brilliance mixed in with some underground dwellings, followed by a cavernous dock at the end. Pretty, but the boss fights are essentially tutorials for later stuff, and it’s not until the last fight that you really get something unique if you’ve played MMOs for a while. But it’s all very capable, and it might be the most fun to run casually.


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WOW problem

WOW problem
The same problem occurs even in the whole body of the CTM final Boss. Deathwing dragon is one of the top five, with a strong force, had been destroyed Stormwind, but fatal problem is that in Warcraft III It almost did not play in from 2003 Frozen Throne Arthas and Illidan story battle to you personally face Illidan 2007 only four years, and during this time accompanied by the WCG, Sky / Moon concepts he also frequently appear in people’s field of vision, but from the Dark Portal The final hurdle Deathwing heroic battle with other orc human hero to CTM4.3 you personally set foot on it’s back , is also ten years between the time difference, enough to make it the best memory of people who lost impression. Moreover so old players, new players will be impossible to know the story of the death of the wing, at most, is to listen to what others say , which you know nothing about the case personally to play campaign, exploring the story, after all, are very different.
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
On the other hand, wow itself a problem. This problem is due to the overall situation of Warcraft IV no delay, resulting plot is difficult to roll out (of course, must also admit that even really there, the lack of a similar environment, it can get so quickly to such a wide spread yet questionable), in detail, it is because wow itself in adopting a ‘Banded’ type of propulsion. since the classic version (commonly known as ‘Earth Times’) since each major version number has a corresponding Raid copies, each copy of the final Boss Raid are identified by name in the game background culture heroes. This gave birth to a problem These people died over how to do? in TBC, WLK era, these are not a problem, because it was the hero yet sufficient, to CTM version, the hero is a bit not enough, a direct result of 4.0,4.2 with the previous version of the Boss Boss repeated here repeat and redo Onyx Version 3.2 Raid Valencia there are differences, because, after all, is more like a short Onyx copy of Valencia, and 3.2 is the main Raid TOC, contains a series of related story, prestige, equipment, daily tasks, T9 also TOC out while version 4.1, 4.2 is a major Raid, the final Boss is designed to ‘be resurrected’ appears before the role of the old players will directly lead generation felt cheated.

Another problem is the 4.0 version of the Raid, although the design has several copies, but in addition to outside Nefarian Boss belongs Although famous but little-known kind of Al’Akir in the previous piece of information in just a few legend, Cho’gall is the hero Dark Portal, the first appearance is already ten years ago, although they do also the famous hero, but few people really know what they come from, and what to do. 4.0 Early Raid aside not to mention the difficulty in either very unfamiliar cultural background, or boring, which is set on the plot failed.

A final issue is that this series will give players set to bring a feeling of being fooled. This feeling appeared before the earliest history can be traced back to classic in some of the unfinished story, the famous ‘Ashes messenger ‘line unfinished task, or earlier green dragon earrings, Korhogo’s gin, etc., the most famous outbreak is allowed in TBC Paladin Horde players get access to vocational and allow Alliance players shaman career.’ They steal the Light, ” They’re longing for nature ‘- a short 12 put the word classic players in mind during the initial wonderful illusion shattered, there are no two distinct camps. Yes, once the two camps have their own unique career, but now you can only find from racial characteristics are subtle differences, but this distinction as occupational homogeneity (which is an important content below) gradually become less important before you find your The rules are being espoused Blizzard own destruction, once thought not some career appeared (undead hunter, you can understand this setting do), once proud, the other camp will not receive career also received, once Boss killed risen briskly, far better than the old style, but also caught a big Druid gatekeepers, and that Arch Druid is your side in the quicksand of the war who had been trying to protect the little Salou Farr became a death knight, Volta root when the new Duke Lich King, your perennial habitat Orgrimmar city is tomorrow’s battlefield. Blizzard handedly changed history, and that your memory as early as World of Warcraft no longer exist.

WOW new system

WOW new system
As for the MOP, it is part of the new system is almost entirely a single person, such as pet battle, essentially 1v1 bouts, Fight Club, you can only challenge alone, unlike the SNS community farm game, Mid-phase region is a , others simply can not enter your farm …… all systems are all one people play, this is an MMORPG do? MMORPG what? Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game, but now it seems to become an own nothing on-line fishing, around cloth, doing the routine, good mood hit a Fight Club or random the random group, most of the time playing multiplayer games pet it while in gameplay adds substantially obliterate game interactivity ( This will be mentioned below).
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
Another part of the new system, there are other problems, such as ‘scene’, which does not require tanks do not need to fill just playing to play, and does not fall filled with things, and frankly I do not understand that the most likely purpose is to let the player ‘Even if not ranked on the Raid and do not want to play at least five people have something to do’, but the design is an important prerequisite for the game is called ‘match’, players have to pay and he felt his The reward is in line, but the scene does not seem to reflect this – ‘challenge’ has a similar problem. designed for one word is called ‘Tasks’, players experience the story, to get a one-time experience, then it on a permanent end, but designed as a scene, it means that you have to repeatedly brush it, that does not back up the daily tasks of the old ways yet?

Players should meet this demand? Personally, I tend to be met, but need to make balance. Mention in some versions of some professional too strong, just across A demand has been very troublesome, and perhaps this is the cause After the team allocation mechanism to change one of the underlying factors, while in general, so players homogenization of pride, self-identity becomes thin in the TBC era, through an enhanced Sa totem for his squad increased by 15 to 20 % of the physical output, a dark, animal husbandry is able to embrace the skills greatly reduced due to the vampire squad members Regen troubled areas, so they are definitely popular, but now they are dispensable, because he can offer others Buff can also provide, because now the battle had no shortage of blue. like patchwerk, Blue Gruss or Vezax so requires extreme configuration of the DPS or Mana Regen battle, because the disappearance of the homogenization of the game the.

WOW everyday tasks

WOW everyday tasks
MOP everyday tasks in today’s pernicious influence seems to have been no more explanation, but I want to emphasize what it had just been born when the good in the 2007 national service updates TBC, the general rule is the daily routine of the players the team at 8:30 pm Raid, 12:30 a Raid this, start doing daily, 1:30 to sleep if Raid played quite long, there may be hit after 1:00, so in order to Nether Drake, Siketisi, Aogeruila three block all the tasks done once, almost went to the 2:30, while the daily reset time is 3:00, so there is often attached to do daily, 4:30 to sleep until things must be explained, when the mainstream view is do everyday is a happy thing, both prestige but also gold, but also looking forward to buy a Nether Ray (commonly known as ‘fish’) or Nether Drake.
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
Moreover, when the routine designed to be quite interesting, but also need a little memory, such as the lighting Aogeruila game later opened Kui Island, in the PVP server that is a killing resort, often served in PVE Qiangguai and war of words broke out. task here is not so interesting, but to reward fairly lucrative , arrived 70 is still relatively low equipment and other players on here should have feelings.

The reason why everyday tasks repugnant, because: one, in a later version of this design was abused, each piece of information has almost every version update daily, two, designed to be boring routine task itself is always going xx to kill or take xx xx xx months months xx, few want to design interesting task was significant Bug, such as in the southern part of the island Qassam hit Lang forest birds, three, single daily tasks reward is usually equipment, occasionally there will be some small pets or mounts, with no difference between the TBC era, four, a few key requirement is designed to meet the routine must be completed (eg MOP big dragon, 5.0 each camp equipment), daily become a means of coercion. general to said that the core problem is that it is launched as a new system is certainly gratifying, but due to be used repeatedly and even add as conventional systems, it makes one feel there is nothing new.

WOW Comic-Con

The big-screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s fantasy series was announced during E3 2006. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi was at one point attached to the film, though he would later drop out, claiming Blizzard “mismanaged” the film.

The first teaser video for the upcoming World of Warcraft film was shown today during the Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

i09 attended the panel, noting the footage featured an armored warrior taking on a “huge green orc.” Director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) was enthusiastic about the project, in part because he has the chance to create a new world, he said.

At press time, Legendary Pictures had not released the footage in an official capacity.

Jones also reiterated that the Warcraft movie will begin filming in early 2014. Minutes before the panel began, Jones teased on Twitter, “150,000 tweeters gift coming soon… It’s not what you think… ;)”

The first teaser video for the upcoming World of Warcraft film was shown today during the Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con. 

WOW a lifetime opportunity

Warcraft film director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) sees his chance to direct the upcoming movie based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

Speaking during a Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, attended by the Unofficial Comic-Con Blog, Jones said not many filmmakers have the chance to do what he is doing.

“The opportunity to do something like Warcraft is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You hope that you’re going to get the chance to make films where you really get to delve into fantasy,” Jones said. “And with Warcraft, I actually get to create a world and there’s not that many filmmakers who get the chance to start from scratch and build something that big. I know how lucky I am and I am so excited to do it.”

Jones also briefly discussed the challenge of creating a film based on a franchise that millions of people the world over are already connected to.

“I’m well aware of it. And a lot of people who are my friends play and I used to play. I’m very aware of what the goal is there to achieve,” he said.

The first teaser for the Warcraft film was also shown during the panel, but this footage has not been released in any official capacity.

The big-screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s fantasy series was announced during E3 2006. Spider-Man director Sam Raimi was at one point attached to the film, though he would later drop out, claiming Blizzard “mismanaged” the film.

The Warcraft film is believed to have a budget that exceeds $100 million. It starts filming early next year and is intended for release in cinemas in 2015. 

World of Warcraft MMO genre

Where WoW goes from here depends on what its army of 11.5 million players want, Pardo says. Blizzard’s goal is to continue to appease its players with new upgrades and remain a few steps ahead of the competition. It will release an expansion next year called Cataclysm, which Pardo says will revamp the entire game world.
this si teh captions
WoW has been a double-edged sword for the MMO genre, said Pardo. On the one hand, its massive popularity across demographic lines has brought the MMO out of the basement and into the mainstream: “You start hearing moms at a grocery store talk about it,” he said.

On the other hand, even though WoW is attracting competition, its huge popularity and loyal fan base isn’t leaving many consumers for other games in the genre. First-person shooter fans will buy Halo, Modern Warfare and Borderlands for $60 a pop, but MMO players won’t pony up $15 per month to delve into three different virtual worlds.

Of the three major fantasy MMOs released last year that stood the best chance of combating WoW — Age of Conan, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Warhammer Online — all have had to merge their gameplay servers because there weren’t enough adventurers to go around.

And the list of MMOs that have shut down completely is long. Many of these shuttered games had big licenses or pedigrees behind them: Tabula Rasa, The Matrix Online, The Sims Online and Myst Online.

Pardo is bullish on the game’s future. “WoW is going to be a bigger world five years from now,” he said.

Whether it’s still around in 2014, making it through the first half-decade is an incredible achievement, says Levine. “You (rarely) have something that lasts that long, is that well loved and that frequently played — I mean, what other game does anyone have a five-year relationship with and constantly play?” he says. “Outside of Bejeweled.” 

World of Warcraft Timeless BoAs

Whilst out killing rares on the Timeless Isle, which, by the way, seems to be the Timeless Isle’s principal purpose: a hunting ground for rare mobs, I happened upon some interesting purple pieces. If you have a look at the header image, the left-hand tooltip is a Timeless Curio, an item dropped by several rares on the Isle.

The drop rate of these, on the PTR at least, is relatively high, in about 10 minutes of rare-killing I had amassed two curios and a boot item, all BoA. It’s a really good catch-up item, as it can be sent to any alt that needs gearing, and create items specifically tailored to them. In my opinion, at least, Mists of Pandaria really needs better ways to gear alts, particularly tanks who don’t benefit from PvP gear, and depending on the drop rate, this might just be one of them!

There are also Timeless legs, Timeless cloaks, and many more Timeless items that I haven’t found yet, but they’re a really interesting gearing item. You’ll note, first and foremost, that they are BoA, so they can be posted from character to character. Once they arrive in another character’s mailbox, it seems that they detect that character’s loot spec, so the specialization you have selected from the drop-down menu on your portrait. Using the item will create an item level 496 soulbound piece of WOW Gear that is appropriate to that spec, so you can see from the header image that in this instance it has made a ring that is nice for my elemental spec. 

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