Players that have been participating in the patch 5.3 PTR testing may have noticed that there’s not exactly a lot of new content to test out just yet. That’s about to change with the next patch update — according to CM Vaneras over on the EU forums, all new and heroic scenarios should be available for testing with the next PTR update. This includes all new 5.3 lore scenarios — and if you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to test both, you can put your mind at ease. Both factions will be able to participate in all new scenarios, and the disguise mechanic introduced when Dagger in the Dark and A Little Patience were released with patch 5.2 will be implemented.
As for heroic scenarios, players will be able to participate in that content as well — there’s a new section in the scenario queuing system that will allow players to queue for heroic rather than regular scenario content. EU players can leave feedback on the official forum thread, and presumably US players will have their own thread for doing so as well. If you’ve been itching to find out more about upcoming 5.3 content, this is your chance to take a peek and give your feedback on the content.
If you’re interesting in participating, you can download the PTR client via your account management page on, as well as copy an existing character over to the PTR. Blizzard seems to be looking specifically for people’s reactions to the relative challenge of the scenarios, as well as feedback regarding the new bonus objective system. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have more information on all of the new scenarios once they are available and open for play. 


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s batch of hotfixes is another short and sweet edition of tweaks. Just released on the official blog, today’s list primarily concerns the Throne of Thunder raid, with some incredibly welcome changes to Durumu and his baffling maze, as well as a peculiarly specific bug fix for tauren and gnome players.
Powershot now has a 25% decrease to damage, cast time, cooldown, and focus cost.
Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios
Throne of Thunder
Durumu the Forgotten
Safe spots in the maze of Eye Sores now appear earlier, before the Disintegration Beam starts moving.
Adjustments were made to visual effects for Eye Sores to make it easier to see the maze.
Mutated Abomination effect once again reduces his damage taken from non-Fully Mutated players by 75% on 10-player and 25-player Heroic difficulty only.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a crash that occured when Gnomes or Taurens log into the game while riding a mount over water. 


So with the patch 5.3 PTR WOWGoldmart opening up some of the new scenarios I got a chance to run the one I’m most interested in, Dark Heart of Pandaria. It’s a very interesting glimpse into Pandaria’s hidden history and lore, into how Garrosh’s Horde is coming apart at the seams, and about how it’s never a good idea to drain a lake and start digging for artifacts in the middle of someone else’s most sacred secret Vale without things like asking first. Admittedly, they would have said no, and this scenario is just chock full of reasons why, in fact, they should have said no.
There’s really no way around the fact that every screenshot I got is at least somewhat spoilerish. The one I used above is fairly safe (I doubt anyone is surprised that in the new scenario, I end up hitting things) but from here on in, it’s plot details and tons of them. So be warned, spoilers ahoy. If you don’t want spoilers for patch 5.3, this is not the article for you.
You arrive at the digsite to find that whatever they were mining has upset the balance of nature, sending the local elementals into a Cataclysm-style revolt and killing most of the workers. You step in, restore order the murdering way, and then round up the various artifacts. There are artifacts that give you a combo bonus (the yellow lighted ones) if you only collect them once, and regular artifacts. Once you’ve collected 250 of them (boosted by the Reliquary Pick you can pick up that gives you a 15 second buff) you move on to the second stage – head into the mine and confront whatever’s going on, and try and reach a goblin miner who can blow open the last wall so you can explore. 

Patch 5.2 Hotfixes for April 22

Some hotfixes went live today after the server restart. The big one that has my guildmates jumping up and down with glee is the change to the cost of Mogu Runes of Fate – they now cost 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, down from 90 previously. Now, I do lots of dailies, so I couldn’t get rid of my Lesser Charms fast enough even before the price nerf, but this is a great quality of life change that will give people more Runes of Fate to spend on chances for gear

In addition, players picked from different realms will now be able to get loot and bonus rolls off of Oondasta and Nalak, and there are some minor nerfs to the Twin Consorts fight in Throne of Thunder. The Sinister Primal Diamond has also had some tweaks to its activation rate, particularly for fire mages. The full blue text is below the cut.

April 22


Players coalesced from a different realm are now eligible to receive loot or use a bonus roll after defeating Oondasta or Nalak.


Mogu Runes of Fate: Reduced the number of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune needed for the Mogu Runes of Fate weekly quest to 50, down from 90

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

Throne of Thunder

Twin Consorts

Cosmic Barrage now summons 4 Crashing Stars (down from 6) on 10-player Normal, Heroic, and Raid Finder difficulty. 8 Crashing Stars (down from 12) are summoned on 25-player Normal and Heroic difficulty.


Sinister Primal Diamond should now correctly have different activation rates depending on the class and specialization. In addition, activation rate for Fire Mages has been increased. 

An Interview With Pathal, Shadowcraft Unofficial Lead Dev, Encrypted Text

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Encrypted Text for assassination, combat and subtlety rogues. Chase Christian will be your guide to the world of shadows every Wednesday. Feel free to email me with any questions or article suggestions you’d like to see covered here.

After Aldriana decided to give up the title of master rogue theorycrafter, nobody knew who would take up his mantle. A handful of rogue champions worked together to develop Shadowcraft’s engine for Mists of Pandaria. As time has marched on, many rogues faded away, but one has risen to the top. Pathal has been the lead developer working on the Shadowcraft back-end for several months now, tweaking the numbers as patches and hotfixes drop and working on exposing more options and expanding SC’s capabilities.

I had the opportunity to speak with Pathal about his history as a rogue, what he thinks of the class and its mechanics, how he got started in rogue theorycrafting, and what working on Shadowcraft has been like.

About the rogue

Encrypted Text: Tell me a bit about your rogue career. When did you start your first rogue? What’s your favorite part about playing a rogue?

Started playing WoW during BC as one of those night elf hunters that everyone hated at the time. Once I started doing Karazahn, I rolled a rogue specifically for the level 29 PvP bracket. That didn’t last long, and brought my rogue up to 70. For the rest of BC, I alternated between my hunter and rogue, depending on what the raid team needed that night. It stayed that way into mid-Wrath (TotC), where I eventually started only used my rogue.

Since then, it’s been a steady progression into learning more about game mechanics to where I am now. I’ve still kept a large arsenal of alts over the years. I’ve played every class at max level in a raid (with the exception of warlock and druid at this point) at one expansion or another. Something about being the village bicycle.

If there’s a situation where I can sneak around a large group of enemies to kill a specific target, I’m probably having a good time.

You have quite a few alts and you’ve raided on other classes. What keeps you coming back to the rogue? Do you have a favorite or preferred spec?

I come back to rogue mostly because I’ve played it for so long that most things are just intuitive now. Very few classes have the core/inherent rotation and strategy that rogues have though. They’re very dependent on doing something ASAP. It’s kind of a turn off for me.

Every time I try another spec or alt, I usually get frustrated by the fact that everything is based around getting abilities off as soon as the GCD ends. Some people like that (actually it seems most players like having something to do like that), but I would much rather deal with timing of abilities and patience as a skill factor, than who has the fastest twitchy finger.

At this point I would consider myself more of an assassination rogue. It’s slower, emphasizes timing over twitchy fingers, and requires planning which makes it significantly more enjoyable than combat to me.

I used to, and maybe I still kind of, hold a special place for subtlety in my heart, but since sub’s capabilities in Mists were drastically reduced, I’ve turned away from it. It really is an interesting spec, but without a niche of its own and performance that’s only “on par” at best, I struggle to justify it in a raid.

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a fight where the emphasis was on doing as much DPS as possible.

Do you PvP much on your rogue? Any particular reasons why or why not? What’s your favorite part of raiding on your rogue?

I rarely PvP, and usually not until the end of an expansion, or long stretches of farm content. The subjectivity has always been a barrier for me. I’ve always found it odd that there’s rarely a mathematical way to approach PvP optimally. We can determine the value of burst, what Nerve Strike is worth, etc. But figuring out when the optimal time to use Kidney Shot is a little subjective and almost arbitrary. It sort of plants this seed of doubt in me that’s turned me away from PvP.

So as someone that’s played a lot of different classes, do you find yourself going to the same lengths to figure out those classes and their mechanics as you do for the rogue? Are you involved in the theorycrafting for any other classes?

I wish I did. I’ve added windwalker monks to the list of things I wish Shadowcraft could handle, but I feel like there’s always something else I could do for rogues that I’ve just given rogue stuff priority. I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to learning their rotations in depth enough to formulate some estimates. When I’m just playing the class in whatever, I usually only do a cursory read on general tactics. Going too far tends to eat into time I could be working on rogues or whatever raid prep I might be doing.

Tell us about the guy behind the rogue.

I’m just a guy. I put my pants on one leg at a time. I enjoy a cold beer and steak subs. I complain about my current job whenever I get the chance, and I spent way too much time on Reddit. I wish there was something special or unique to put here, but there isn’t. Well, I’ve been to Disney World as a kid more times than I can count, but I don’t think that earns me any bragging points. 

Abandoning Quests in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft support a various different quests to WoW players. That is how attracting players beyond your imagination. However, in according to determining, you’d better to abandon some quests of difficult that are good at your WoW power leveling and gathering WoW gold. It is knowledge for WoW players what time to give up and start your quests. If you abandon a quest you can still go back and get the quest again when the level of you are high beyond the lowest request. As your character advances beyond the optimal level range for a quest the exclamation point above the quest giver’s head will disappear, but you can still return to start the quest at a later date. Just write down which quest it was, the NPC’s name and its location just in case you need to refer to your notes.

Quest rewards, both in WoW experience (WoW powerleveling) and items (WoW money and equipments), are designed to be appropriate for the level at which they’re offered. If you’re going to abandon a quest try to abandon quests that are gray or that have been green for a long time. Those usually aren’t worth your time unless you are trying to get a continuation quest or are doing it for enjoyment of the storyline.

Try to abandon a quest that is on the first step. It is very easy to go back and get that quest again. It can be more confusing if you’re trying to get a continued quest again.

You should only destroy the quest items for abandoned quests if you have no intention of getting that quest again. If you are concerned about inventory space, you can store quest items in the bank until you’re ready to continue the quest. Just remember to pick them up again before you try to complete it. Learning some tips and gathering experience how abandon quests to be appropriate for your level, which can help players to process better WoW game, not only for World of Warcraft gold and other WoW rewards but also enjoy your happy World of Warcraft! 

Getting Quest Items in World of Warcraft

Quest items is one of WoW rewards that WoW players is possible gain by doing WoW quests or WoW power leveling. Of course, do WoW poweleveling is actual waste your time and some players acquire quest items through other ways. You can buy, trade, or receive some quest items as gifts from other players that can save lots of trouble and time to you. These items must not be marked as “quest items” which cannot be traded. For example, one quest requires Buzzard Wings. Once people learn that these are a part of a quest they may sell them, or give them away to friends who need them for the quest. You can ask your guild “does anyone have any extra Buzzard Wings?”. Then people will know that you need them. You can also use the mail system. Have friends mail you the quest items. You can also use the Auction House to look for quest items. In matter of fact, the Auction House is very useful, it can offer players many items, equipments and WoW currency, but no WoW powerleveling, how pity! This can give you a short cut in completing quests rather than fighting monsters for the quest items. It’s a balance of time vs. WoW money. You can save money by getting the items yourself but it will take longer. Once you’ve identified what items are used in quests, you can save them and give or sell them to other players. The number of quest items that can be traded is small. In most cases the only quest items that players can trade are tradeskill items.

Keep a few Quest Slots Open is necessary for your WoW adventure. For system performance reasons, the quest log has a limit of 25 quest slots. As you travel you should always try to have 1-2 slots open for new quests. Sometimes you will be placed in situations that prompt you for a new quest and not having room to accept one could hamper your progress. This can happen with escort missions and instances. For example: If you go into an instance and have to get a quest very quickly but are “full”, it is possible that you won’t be able to get the quest again until the NPC resets (or until you enter a new instance). So leave some room for emergency situations. 

WoW Guide To Setting Up PTR

We are not only publush a WoW gold guide for free,but also tell player the guide to setting up PTR.Public Test Realm is a particular world just like the versions a person usually perform about it. That variation among that PTR and regular hosts could be that the singular reason for that PTR is made for online players to check out there in addition to encounter articles obtainable in the next spot which includes not necessarily nonetheless recently been produced into the regular realms.We also have the WoW gold for sale.

In case you elect to content among your own character types you may be focused into a fresh tv screen exactly where notice the many world choices posted by using shift along choices down below. Select that shift along menus within the world that nature you want to content exists about after which you can obtain the world title. After that world title continues to be picked all of the the many present character types you might have about which world may glimpse. To be able to content any nature select that”Copy Character”option around in the character’s title.If you are looking for WoW gold guides for free,our site can help you.

Once you’ve picked any nature to be able to content you simply must decide which often PTR world you want to perform about. Which often world you decide on won’t make any difference over time, nonetheless We would propose buying a US ALL device if you’re from the US a PvE device if you’re helpful to trying to play for a PvE server and to be assured which in order to perform together with your buddies a person almost all decide a similar world.Touch always transfer onward exactly where you will discover any proof menus. Learn that disclaimers in addition to if you’re unquestionably convinced you want to content this specific nature click on”Yes, Content Me personally!”through in this article you can really need to be able to bide time until your own nature to be able to content. Nonetheless, you’re you cash in on any error please click “Cancel”.We provide gold for  WoW to player both on US and EU srver.And the WoW gold guide for free at our site.

In case you elect to content any premade nature you may be presented all of the general character types regarding potential levels.Scroll in the list to check out that character types designed for a person, don‘t bother about that strange titles,you should have the opportunity to be able to alter when you type in the adventure, in addition to decide one which appeals to your account almost all in WoW gold guides for free.Click on that”Copy Character”option alongside that nature you desire and you may end up being used into the up coming tv screen exactly where you may be inquired to select that PTR world you would like your own nature to be able to dwell about. Which often world you decide on won’t make any difference over time, nonetheless We would propose buying a US ALL device if a PvE device if you’re helpful to trying to play for a PvE server and to be assured which in order to perform together with your buddies a person almost all decide a similar world. Touch always transfer onward exactly where you will discover any proof menus. Learn that disclaimers in addition to if you’re unquestionably convinced you want to  this specific nature click on”Yes, Content Me personally!”you can really need to be able to delay that given moment on your nature to be able to content. Nonetheless, you’re you cash in on any error please click”Cancel”to begin with that vacation once more.Keep your eyes on our site no matter you need a gold for WoW or WoW gold guide for free.

One Blizzard Holiday Card Contest  involves setting up a joyful card to talk about that joy of the seaon with a World of Warcraft.We’re inviting you to join us in spreading the holiday cheer by crafting a Blizzard-themed holiday card of your own featuring characters or themes from the World of Warcraft.Moerover,we still provide the WoW gold and WoW leveling Guide to player.As a largest suppliers of  World  of Warcraft gold,we never let your down.The period of time during which the Contest will be held  shall commence on 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time November, 15 2011, and shall continue in duration until 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time December 13, 2011. All entries must be received by the Deadline to be eligible to win a prize.
Holiday Card Contest Prizes

First Place: One particular competent entrant shall be preferred through Recruit in the competition to be handed a reward deal including things like one particular Bamboo bedding Set up by using a good rough store value regarding $199. 00; one particular Marauder StarCraft II Video gaming Keyboard by using a good rough store value regarding $78. 00; one particular Banshee StarCraft II Video gaming Headset by using a good rough store value regarding $78. 00; one particular Spectre StarCraft II Video gaming Sensitive mouse by using a good rough store value regarding $52. 00. Minute Spot: One particular competent entrant shall be preferred through Recruit in the competition to be handed a reward deal including things like one particular  Marauder StarCraft II Video gaming Keyboard by using a good rough store value regarding $78.00;one particular Banshee StarCraft II Video gaming Headset by using a good rough store value regarding $78. 00; one particular Spectre StarCraft II Video gaming Sensitive mouse by using a good rough store value regarding $52. 00. Third Spot: One particular competent entrant shall be preferred through Recruit in the competition to be handed a StarCraft II Zerg Release Messenger Case by using a good rough store value regarding $52. 00.

Almost all cash incentives shall be honored. The Holiday Card Contest reward Winners have got to perform a good affidavit regarding eligibility before they could obtain its reward like WoW gold. Cash incentives returned since undeliverable as well as usually not advertised 12-15 nights once shipping regarding notification shall be forfeited in addition to honored to another success. Cash incentives usually are not transferable. Absolutely no alterations as well as trades regarding any cash incentives shall be acceptable, with the exception which Recruit reserves the correct to swap any reward regarding equivalent as well as higher value for reward. Confine one particular reward for every family as well as tackle. Almost all cash incentives tend to be honored “AS IS”, exhibit as well as meant which includes, any meant guarantee regarding merchantability as well as exercise for any unique objective. 

Seven Years of Old WoW and New SWTOR

When I logged up on claim my own anticipated World of Warcraft anniversary product, just such as I and millions of other competitors like me personally do on an annual basis, I had been mostly making plans for what I’d to enjoy in your mail plus hoping above hope this my Amaze 2011 husband’s gift would have been a mini-pirate family dog of my private. Of program,as many people know right now, my dreams were swiftly dashed along with I didn’t receive my mini-pirate, although as I watched the 7th loved-one’s birthday achievement glint across my screen my spouse and i found by myself contemplating WoW’s previous, present, and long run and how it and We have evolved during the trip.
WoW 2011 Present of Old WoW and New SWTOR

Fast forward to Amazing 2011 along with things possess greatly altered. In truth WoW 2011 is barely recognizable in the game which was released seven typical. In hard work to appease the more casual group, which ultimately evens off the grand major old WoW and new SWTOR, everything by leveling that will instances continues to be simplified (much towards the horror of the more hardcore). However, despite the particular changes we’ve seen during the trip WoW includes aged rather well.

However boasting around 10 mil players, WoW 2011 nevertheless continues to attract players, by myself included, every single day, hour once hour. The magic that lots of will declare was lost quite a long time ago continues to there, even although sometimes We’ve trouble seeing them myself. Irrespective of reporting request losses, WoW 2011 however boasts about 10 trillion players them still dishing out almost 20 dollars a month just to keep to go out in Azeroth. I do think with most of these numbers, its safe to state that although the sport is don’t a spring chicken, its nevertheless got WoW gold taking.
WoW 2011 Beyond for the Future

So what do i think WoW’s future appears? Well I’m hoping for any bright you since I’m not quite ready to quit my craving (complete they produce patch for your? ). I feel prefer that so that you can continue to be successful WoW need to find plenty of middle floor between everyday and hardcore as opposed to heavily leaning the best way or additional as they want done in past times. Appeasing both of these player bases could be the key many more a lot of success. I also reckon that instead to build upwards with more concentrations, Blizzard would need to build outwards also, enriching the globe we have.

My hope for these stuff lies while in the newest Amaze exapnsion; Mists with Pandaria and I believe I’ve seen glimpses of things within the information that is revealed thus far. While you can find much negativity regarding this brand-new expansion I’m having out hope that it will choose above plus beyond everyone’s expectations and will manage to keep the spark behind the sport burning brightly for some time to come. Will Seriously be around to see it’s 12 year house warming? No 1, including me personally, can seriously say undoubtably, but the adventure has achieved it this significantly, leaving me in a position to give quite a confident resolution of well you will want to?

I find out this includes probably sounded incredibly similar a sappy really like letter to help Blizzard, and maybe it truly is, but you will need to admit, which makes it seven years is impressive for any game. Seven ages is longer than I’ve already been married to my niece, longer when compared with my daughter continues to be on this planet, and significantly longer when compared with most games with this genre can certainly ever hope to create it.

So I do think we could all agree until this WoW 2011 anniversary may be a truly unusual feat and we ought to celebrate it therefore. Therefore let’s give some credit in which credit is due, drop our torches plus pitchforks, delete that will nasty community post and lets increase our glasses about legendary WoW gold from a well well earned to Blizzard to get giving us an area to excellently waste our own time for the last key years.