Ariane Quest Double Bill

Rune Mysteries (free to play)

Ariane’s had premonitions ever since she was a child, but lately her visions have shown her just one thing: the Wizards’ Tower – her former home and place of study – in flames. Sure enough, there are already magical creatures manifesting and attacking the wizards, and Ariane’s convinced that Archmage Sedridor’s plan to purge the tower will trigger the disaster she foresees. Ariane’s banned from entering the Wizards’ Tower, so she needs your help to open the archmage’s eyes to the truth.
You’ll delve deep into the ruins of the very first Wizards’ Tower,
Ariane library artwork
which was once home to four distinct orders: the serene Blue Wizards; the wise Green Wizards; the free-thinking Red Wizards and the analytical Grey Wizards. You’ll need to solve the puzzle of how to enter, and decide what sort of mage you are to unlock the old tower’s secrets and save the new one from its fiery fate.

Rewards include a magical staff that’s handy for low-level mages, as well as a unique wizard’s hat and title, both of which reflect the magical order you aligned yourself with in the old tower (you’ll have the opportunity to change this, if you wish).
Rune Memories (members only)

At the end of Rune Mysteries, Ariane found herself in a bit of a bind, and now she needs your help once more. You’ll fully explore the arcane ruins beneath the Wizards’ Tower and experience – through the memories of its former inhabitants – the clashes of magical ideals that led to the old tower’s downfall. Dig deep enough and put together the pieces of this ancient puzzle, and you’ll have all you need to free Ariane and avert the disaster once and for all.

Rewards for this members-only quest include a full set of magical robes to accompany the last quest’s hat, as well as access to Archmage Sedridor’s personal rune essence chest, which will grant you rune essence every time you level up in Runecrafting. This is applied retroactively if you’ve already levelled the skill, and by 99 you’ll have received a mighty 24,750 essence in total! Those of you with very high Magic, Prayer and Runecrafting will find further, hidden rewards – ask around the tower once the quest’s complete. 

2007 – Old School RuneScape… You Vote!

Hi everyone,

Last week, Mod Mark posted a thread on our forums highlighting some of the nostalgic and often passionate discussions within the community around a desired return of an ‘old school’ version of RuneScape. Specifically, the fine vintages of 2006 & 2007 appeared to be the high point of collective interest. Our team then set out to see if we had a backup that went that far back; if restoring the backup was even technically possible; and what specific content these potential old RuneScape backups might contain.

The team has spent many late nights and the past weekend digging through dusty old backups and restoring them, in the hope of finding more than just the old IT manager’s MP3 collection of 80s rock power ballads! ☺

Finally, I’m very happy to report that we have indeed managed to recover a full RuneScape backup from August 2007. This is a complete snapshot of the game, which we have been able to verify would work, with some time and effort invested in it. Ironically, in October 2007 we actually changed our backup systems, so we have no complete content versions from August onwards that are viable for this purpose.

As I said at the start of the year, we’re all very focused on making this year fun, memorable and special to you, and a significant part of realising this mission is giving you a big say in what we focus on. That said, a huge amount has either changed or been improved since the heady days of 2007. The game has evolved, as have our tech, systems, and infrastructure. There will be a substantial amount of work involved to get these ‘old school’ servers back up and running again. However, if enough people support this project, this will be neither unachievable, nor a hindrance to the main game.

So, just like the poll for the return of the Wildy & Free Trade, which saw a jaw dropping 1.4 million votes , we will be running a similar poll and letting you – our valued members – decide the fate of ‘Old School RuneScape’, given that you directly fund the game’s ongoing development and supporting services. This decision – along with the level of service, investment and potentially any additional fee for the service – is truly up to you to determine.

However, before we invest any further resource into this project, we need to accurately gauge your level of support by understanding how many of you are really behind ‘Old School RuneScape’ as it was in August 2007. As such, we will set up a poll this week for players to show their interest in the 2007 service.

But before I get into the specifics, there is one thing that is very important to note. If this idea gathers sufficient support, then we will not need to take our current talent away from all of the exciting updates to be implemented into the current version of the game, as we will be able to hire a new dedicated team to work specifically on this project.

By giving you the choice to play either version of the game, we are demonstrating our commitment to listen and – wherever possible – incorporate your feedback. In the long term, we hope that this project will bring back many veteran players, as well as possibly encourage new players to join. They will be able to relive their old game experience to their heart’s content, and – if they so choose – perhaps even join the main game. Over the next couple of months and subsequent years, we have an ever-growing plethora of exciting content waiting to be deployed into the Evolution of Combat, regardless of the reinstatement of old servers.

That being said, we have set out the following targets to help us figure out how much focus and resource we should put into this project 

Try the RuneScape Bestiary

The RuneScape Bestiary (free players and members)

This week, we’re really excited to give you a glimpse at the next generation of RuneScape. We’ve created a new feature for the RuneScape website which lets you browse almost 3,000 of RuneScape’s monsters and NPCs: the RuneScape Bestiary.

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Try the RuneScape Bestiary
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This official news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from the RuneScape website.
This update was added on 18 February 2013.

The RuneScape Bestiary (free players and members)

This week, we’re really excited to give you a glimpse at the next generation of RuneScape. We’ve created a new feature for the RuneScape website which lets you browse almost 3,000 of RuneScape’s monsters and NPCs: the RuneScape Bestiary.
Bestiary screen

Each one is viewable in full 3D using our new HTML5 graphics engine – RuneTek 7 – which you’ll be seeing much more of once we launch it for RuneScape later in the year. You can rotate, zoom and animate all of the available characters, share your favourites on Facebook, search for specific ones and view a variety of information about each of them, including:

Combat levels
Combat weaknesses
Life points
Slayer category
Where they can be found in-game.

As this is our very first reveal of this technology to the community, we’re running the Bestiary as a beta. This means that you may experience crashes or other odd behaviour while you’re using it. We’ll be collecting error reports and usage statistics to help us make the technology stable and ready for the full release, but we need your help too. Send us bug reports when you experience issues using the Bestiary, and – as always – give us your feedback on the forums.

This is the first glimpse of the awesome upgrades coming within RuneScape which include upgraded graphics and draw distances, a smoother play experience, an amazing new top-level interface and – in the long run – compatibility with touch-screen devices. Now’s the time to start getting your voice heard so we can make the new RuneScape the game that you want to see!

Have fun, and look out for an early-access beta of the new RuneScape graphics engine in the next few months. 

Combat Updates, Free Game Changes and More Mobility

Evolution of Combat: Both Hands are Better than One

Shields are great if you’re playing it safe, but if you’re looking to kick out maximum damage, you should be willing to get both hands dirty. Our latest batch of Evolution of Combat updates is themed around this simple premise.

First up, we’ve rebalanced both dual wielding and two-handed damage to bring them onto a level plane. Whether you’re a dual-dagger dervish or a maul-wielding marauder, you should be doing around 150% of the base damage you’d be doing with an equivalent one-handed weapon and shield. This means that both styles are equally valid ways of pumping out damage, leaving the choice down to your tactical needs and personal preference.

We’ve also implemented full dual-wielding capabilities for magic users, meaning that you can now auto-cast a different spell from each hand: just right-click the spell’s icon to find the option. Have fun coming up with cruel cocktails of Ancient spells to blast and debilitate your foes! You can also wield magic-oriented weapons alongside cross-class weapons. You could wield a crossbow and a book, a wand and an off-hand sword, or any other combination you can come up with.

Alongside the above changes, we’ve also switched the degrade system for the Player-Owned Ports armour sets to the one used for the armour sets available from Nex. Your top-end armour will now last much longer in battle.

Look out for brand-new magic and ranged abilities, coming soon!
Changes to the Free Game and Membership Trial

From today, free players can train almost every members’ skill up to level 5! This permanent expansion to the free game replaces the old two-week free trial previously offered on new accounts, and is a great way for free players to get a taste of the amazing content that membership brings to the game.

Free players must still log on to free-to-play worlds, but on those worlds it is now possible to train every members’ skill (with the exception of Construction) up to level 5. On top of that, we’ve opened up Burthorpe and Taverley to everyone. These two towns make up the Troll Warzone – which is an excellent introduction to the members’ game – and contain all the training spots and items you’ll need to sample the first 5 levels of the members’ game. 

And Finally

Despite my largely confused feelings about RuneScape, I can’t deny that it’s needled itself under my skin. Perhaps it’s the retro appeal tugging at the long-dead teenager inside me, or the nagging feeling that true understanding of the game’s mechanics and… purpose… were within a few more hours’ reach. If my character hadn’t been called EurogamerOli by the Jagex admin, there’s every chance I’d continue playing. I still might, just to give Oli a reputation as a sex pest.
But, the graphics: I’ve left it this long before mentioning them just to sound deep. I mean, you don’t tell someone you’re dumping them because they’re ugly, do you? It’s not the low polygon count; that’s a valid constraint of the medium, and despite Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, browser gaming is still young enough for the creation of a 3D world this large to be hugely impressive. The problem is that those restrictions extend to the controls. On one occasion, I nearly died because some wonky pathfinding sent me around in a circle, back into a bear’s arms.
I wouldn’t have minded, but I had a backpack full of burnt shrimp at stake.

No, I think my time with RuneScape has come to an end. And the worst thing about that is that I’ll never know why those penguins are disguising themselves as sheep and rocks. Or why I wasn’t allowed to kill them. 

Other Players

After losing everything, and gathering it all up again, I begin to feel philosophical about life in RuneScape. My understanding of the cow that is the world has been deepened by drinking the sour milk from its resurrected teat, if you will. And my understanding of the world’s working has also been bolstered by the fact I’ve been squinting for hours at Sal’s excellent Realm of RuneScape.

One thing has eluded me so far, though. Other people. My interaction has been close to zero, and everyone around is well out of my level range – a natural consequence of accounts having only one character each. With less popular games like Ryzom, which has a similarly open levelling system, there’s a desire to help each other that’s borne from new blood being valuable and welcome. The opposite seems to be true here. In the members-only servers I logged onto, there was no response to my polite requests for help, and no-one willing to join me in a cheeky underground adventure.

Perhaps that’s my fault for saying “does anyone want a cheeky underground adventure”.

So, I set about trying to make a friend. I’ve never had a problem with this before. I’m a charming sod, my amiable winking could win over the most fundamentalist terrorist. But RuneScape is beyond my skills. Every “hi” was ignored. When I did get a response, it was quick and efficient. From my limited experience, it’s a brutal and lonely world for the low-level adventurer.

Stories of noob abuse are rife. You hear about people leading you into the Player Killing PVP areas, just to steal your stuff. You’re warned about trade scams. I wish I had an interesting story to tell: I would have loved to have been scammed out of my dozen burnt chickens. 

Questing For Coins

I died. There’s no excuse for my death, I was simply caught up in the zeroes and ones, and forgot to run away when death became likely. Battle has such a randomised feel that it’s an exciting gamble, but there was more was at stake than I realised. This is old-school MMO death – you lose pretty much everything. There’s no “soulbound” here, no sanctity of possession. You die, passers-by will loot the meat from your bones.

I’ve never been more tempted to beg. Nothing was possible. I couldn’t chop down trees, because I didn’t have an axe. I couldn’t buy an axe, because the cheapest was 16 gold pieces. I went back to the cook I’d got the chickens for – he wanted 22 raw shrimp. With no fishing net, I threw myself at the mercy of a fisherman, who was disgusted enough by my wailing void of dignity to give me a free shrimp net.

And this is how the rebuilding of my squalid life began. Fifteen minutes of fishing, in which I took advantage of the tabbed browsing environment by control-tabbing to some erotic jpgs. It’s difficult, however, to maintain an auto-romantic mood when you’re waiting for the sounds of prawn-sloshing to stop in another window.
Paid by the chef, I bought an axe, and the best armour I could afford. Luckily, my sword had survived the death. Replacing everything was a pain – shops are inconveniently scattered. The sword shop in Varrock is a couple of minutes walk from the shield shop in Falador. This walking – it’s all part of Jagex’s barely-disguised eagerness to fill the time between levelling up with something. That’s OK for children: they’re made of time. If you cut them open, pocket watches fly out. But I’m an adult. An adult who’s chosen to play games for a living, sure; but that doesn’t stop me feeling witheringly mortal when faced with such blatant life-eating tactics
I moved on to the quests, and at last, I found something that appealed to me on a level that wasn’t… levelling. For levelling’s sake. Some quests were your standard forced exploration, but some were like Ernest the Chicken, a miniature point-and-click adventure that made clever use of the control system. Others were just as entertaining, and the script is often knowing and self-deprecating enough to win you over. 

Beginner’s Basics

Welcome to RuneScape, the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd.! RuneScape offers many features and varieties within itself to keep everyone playing it with something to do – a vital characteristic of a game you play! Throughout RuneScape, you will be able to participate in activities that help level up various skills, battle ferocious beasts, complete quests that tax your intellectual abilities, congregate with other people playing the game, and much, much more!

The purpose of this guide is to help you take your first steps in RuneScape. Throughout this guide, we will explain a lot of things a new RuneScape player needs to know such as creating your character, controlling your character, interacting with various people and objects, and much, much more! However, as it has already been mentioned, you will be interacting with other players, of which runs security risks. It is recommended that you browse through our Security Centre for tips on how to keep you and your computer out of harm’s way while playing.

When you’re ready to create your RuneScape account, go to and click on the “Play Free Now” button on the home page, once the game loads click the “Create Account Now” link, the game client will then take you through the process of registering for RuneScape.

Once the game loads, enter your email address and password you used earlier to register (older accounts will login using a username instead of an email address).
Note: Players with existing Facebook and Runescape accounts can alternatively log directly into the game from their Facebook pages. Click the “Play Now With Facebook” button beneath the “Play Now” button on Runescape’s main site to install the app which allows this.

Next you will be taken to the “Lobby”. Here, you can enter the game, change your settings, chat in a friends or clan chat, or chat with your friends via the private message system. Below is a picture of the Player Info screen, which you will see after logging in.
The following is an explanation of their function:

Click Here to Play: Play
Favourite Worlds: Next to the “Play” button are 2 smaller buttons that automatically enter you into any world you have set. You can set these worlds to your own preference. This can be done in the World Select screen. Clicking this button enters the game.
World Select Tab: This allows you to change worlds. You can also set up to two default worlds which will appear on the main screen. Click a world to highlight it, then click the “Click Here to Play” button to enter that world.
Friends Tab: Displays your friend and ignore lists and allows you to talk to your friends. Click their name in your friend list or in the chat box to send a message. You can also change how people see your online status (either to Everybody, Friends, or Nobody). Chatting with friends is explained more in-depth later.
Friends Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Friends Chat. Here you can enter a channel and talk to other players that are in it. Friends Chats are discussed more in-depth later.
Clan Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Clan Chat. Here you can enter a clan you are in and, like with the Friends Chat system, talk to others that are in the channel. Clan Chats are also discussed more in-depth later.
Options Tab: Change all of in-game graphics and audio options here, as well as whether the background is animated or not in the initial log in screen. Graphics and Audio options are discussed in-depth later.
Quit (The X): Logs you out and returns you to the main login screen.
Should you attempt to log into a world that is full (2000 users are already logged in) you will be placed on a waiting list. 

Botany Bay

Botany Bay is the area where Bots go to receive their death penalty. Players accused of Botting will be transported to Botany Bay to await trial, where players are given a chance to plet the Bot with rotten tomatos, as well as vote for and watch one of three possible punishments which will ban the Bot from RuneScape, without giving them the chance to appeal or recover their account.
To get to Botany Bay, you will need to speak to one of the Trial Annoucers, who can be found in: Ardougne marketplace, Falador East bank, Edgeville, The Grand Exchange and Varrock East bank. They will be able to teleport you to the Bay, as well as tell you who is on trial. You will appear on one of the two sides of the bay’s bottomless pit, shown in the map below. Note: There are no requirements to get to the Bay or to vote in the trials.
Once you are inside of the Bay, you will be able to see the Botfinder General, along with a Bot (should a trial be starting when you enter the Bay). Here you can listen and watch the trials of those caught botting, and choose the way they should die and become permanently banned from the game. There is a choice of three deaths, shown on the voting interface and table below. The method of death with the most votes will be the one shown.
Once you are inside of the Bay, you will be able to see the Botfinder General, along with a Bot (should a trial be starting when you enter the Bay). Here you can listen and watch the trials of those caught botting, and choose the way they should die and become permanently banned from the game. There is a choice of three deaths, shown on the voting interface and table below. The method of death with the most votes will be the one shown. 

All Fired Up

START LOCATION: Talk with King Roald in the Varrock Palace.


Quests: Priest in Peril

Skills: Level 43 Firemaking

Items: 45 logs (all of the same kind, but any kind), tinderbox


Items: Varrock Teleport runes (if you wish to bank), Hatchet (to avoid banking)

NPCS: Blaze Sharpeye, King Roald
START LOCATION: Talk with King Roald in the Varrock Palace.


Quests: Priest in Peril

Skills: Level 43 Firemaking

Items: 45 logs (all of the same kind, but any kind), tinderbox


Items: Varrock Teleport runes (if you wish to bank), Hatchet (to avoid banking)

NPCS: Blaze Sharpeye, King Roald
2. Head directly south of the Temple of Paterdomus to find Blaze Sharpeye next to the unlit beacon. Speak with him and he will ask you to help test the visibility of the beacons by lighting a few, then proceed to explain the simple method used to light one.


3. Add your twenty logs to the beacon, then use your tinderbox on the beacon. With the beacon burning tall, speak to Blaze Sharpeye again.
4. In order to test more of the network, Sharpeye wants you to light the next beacon, near the limestone quarry at the Rag and Bone Man’s hovel. There are plenty of trees to cut down in the surrounding area if you do not wish to bank. Add twenty logs to the beacon and light it with your tinderbox, just like before.

5. Report back to Blaze Sharpeye once the beacon has been lit. He will be pleased to be able to see the other beacon, but he does not like how low his own beacon is becoming. He will tell you to use five logs on it to make it a giant flame once again.


6. Add your five logs and the beacon will be burning bright again. Talk to Sharpeye to find that the entire network will eventually need testing. He will send you back to King Roald in order to report the success of the tests.

7. Return to Varrock Palace and talk to King Roald to claim your reward, with the reminder that much better rewards would be offered for further testing.
20,000 coins
5,500 Firemaking Experience
Access to the All Fired Up Minigame
2 Spins on the Squeal of Fortune
Quest points: 1