Guardians defended the masses of humanity

The society held its secret meetings in the shadowed Tirisfal Glades, where the high elves had first settled in Lordaeron. Thus, they named the secret sect the Guardians of Tirisfal. The mortal champions who were chosen to be Guardians were imbued with incredible powers of both elven and human magic. Though there would only ever be one Guardian at a time, they held such vast power that they could single-handedly fight back the Legion’s agents wherever they were found in the world. The Guardian power was so great that only the Council of Tirisfal was allowed to choose potential successors to the mantle of Guardianship. Whenever a Guardian grew too old, or wearied of the secret war against chaos, the Council chose a new champion, and under controlled conditions, formally channeled the Guardian power into its new agent.

As the generations passed, Guardians defended the masses of humanity from the invisible threat of the Burning Legion throughout the lands of Arathor and Quel’Thalas. Arathor grew and prospered while the use of magic spread throughout the empire. Meanwhile, the Guardians kept careful watch for signs of demonic activity. Sargeras bided his time until the youth’s power manifested itself. By the time Medivh had reached his teenage years, he had become very popular in Azeroth for his magical prowers and often went off on adventures with his two friends: Llane, the prince of Azeroth, and Anduin Lothar, one of the last descendents of the Arathi bloodline. The three boys constantly caused mischief around the kingdom, but they were well liked by the general citizenry.

When Medivh reached the age of fourteen, the cosmic power inside him awakened and clashed with the pervasive spirit of Sargeras that lurked within his soul. Medivh fell into a catatonic state which lasted for many years. When he awakened from his coma, he found that he had grown to adulthood, and his friends Llane and Anduin had become the regents of Azeroth. Though he wished to use his incredible newfound powers to protect the land he called home, the dark spirit of Sargeras twisted his thoughts and emotions towards an insidious end. 

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The Titans’ last command to the Aspects

The Life-Binder sensed that something about the apocalypse beyond the state of the timeways troubled the bronze Aspect. Yet she was already asking so much of Nozdormu; if he did not wish to voice his concerns, that were his choice. Alexstrasza lowered her head to Nozdormu and spoke softly. “Unto each of you is given a gift…” The Timeless One completed the ancient words without hesitation. They were the titans’ last command to the Aspects, a reminder while each of them was unique, their powers and knowledge were never meant to be separate. They were one. “Time is your charge just as life is mine, but what is our duty?” Alexstrasza said.

“To preserve this world at all costs. To prevent the Hour of Twilight,” Nozdormu whispered. The Timeless One was quiet after that. The Life-Binder followed his gaze into the sky, sorrow tugging at her heart. “Have any of your other agents returned?” “No. None will. Yet I wait. I was once lost in time until Thrall aided me. Now I am lossst outside of it.” To Alexstrasza’s surprise, the bronze Aspect chuckled in pained amusement. The Timeless One finally turned away from the horizon and looked to Alexstrasza. “For too long I have been rigid in my waysss. What you say is true. The time for waiting is past…”

“I am honored that you seek my aid,” Thrall said. “I have but one request. The short-lived races vanquished Ragnaros, and before him the Lich King and countless other threats. Time and time again, we have been instrumental in safeguarding Azeroth. We are invested in it as much as you are. With all due respect, I believe that this plan, as noble as it is, can succeed only with their assistance.” There was no doubt that what Thrall said was right. Alexstrasza had hoped to avoid dragging more mortals into this perilous endeavor. “If they are willing, they are welcome.” “There are always those who are willing.” The orc smiled. “I will send out the call.” After Thrall departed, the Aspects lingered in silence. 

Legion was comprised of a million screaming demons

The streaming ripples of energy were felt by terrible alien minds. Sargeras – the Great Enemy of all life, the Destroyer of Worlds felt the potent ripples and was drawn to their distant point of origin. Spying the primordial world of Azeroth and sensing the limitless energies of the Well of Eternity, Sargeras was consumed by an insatiable hunger. The great dark god of the Nameless Void resolved to destroy the fledgling world and claim its energies as his own. Sargeras gathered his vast Burning Legion and made his way towards the unsuspecting world of Azeroth. The Legion was comprised of a million screaming demons, all ripped from the far corners of the universe, and the demons hungered for conquest. Sargeras’ lieutenants, Archimonde the Defiler and Mannoroth the Destructor, prepared their infernal minions to strike.

Queen Azshara, overwhelmed by the terrible ecstasy of her magic, fell victim to Sargeras’ undeniable power and agreed to grant him entrance to her world. Even her Highborne servitors gave themselves over to magic’s inevitable corruption and began to worship Sargeras as their god. To show their allegiance to the Legion, the Highborne aided their queen in opening a vast, swirling portal within the depths of the Well of Eternity. Once all his preparations had been made, Sargeras began his catastrophic invasion of Azeroth. The warrior-demons of the Burning Legion stormed into the world through the Well of Eternity and laid siege to the night elves’ sleeping cities.

Led by Archimonde and Mannoroth, the Legion swarmed over the lands of Kalimdor, leaving only ash and sorrow in its wake. The demon warlocks called down searing infernals that crashed like hellish meteors into the graceful spires of Kalimdor’s temples. A band of burning, bloodletting killers known as the Doomguard marched across Kalimdor’s fields, slaughtering everyone in their path. Packs of wild, demonic felhounds ravaged the countryside unopposed. Though the brave Kaldorei warriors rushed to defend their ancient homeland, they were forced to give ground, inch by inch, before the fury of the Legion’s onslaught. 

You’ll use unique powers to masquerade as dungeon denizens

The game developers also be releasing two new, exciting Fremennik Sagas. The first carries on from where Thok and Marmaros’s adventures in Daemonheim left off. Thok’s left his favourite sword lodged in the face of a bony bad-guy. To make matters worse, he’s just been challenged by Marmaros to a battle of brawn, with kill-counts the deciding factor. Step into Thok’s boots and battle your way through the dungeon fists-first, meeting old friends and enemies on your quest to prove Thok the best brother. The second saga follows the mysterious Moia as she infiltrates Daemonheim in search of the elusive “Bill”. You’ll use her unique powers to masquerade as dungeon denizens, from a necrolord to an honest-hearted mercenary captain, and to delve deep into the secrets of Daemonheim’s origins.

Finally, game developers will be introducing a fun new Runecrafting training method, allowing training all the way from 1-99! Wizard Finix has been hard at his research investigating a plane discovered by the Runecrafting Guild – called the Runespan where runes can be pulled from wild, elemental nodes, or even from the native wildlife. You’ll be able to traverse the floating network of islands that make up the Runespan with magical platforms installed by Runecrafting Guild pioneers, collecting runes and helping hapless wizards who’ve become stuck, all for bags of Runecrafting XP. Members have access to three separate areas within the Runespan, each aimed at an increasing level range. Free players only have access to the lower level area, but it’s still a great place to train up.

The Runecrafting Guild will lay claim to any runes you earn in the Runespan, but they’ll convert them to points which can be exchanged for some fantastic rewards. These will include a set of wicked robes, which will permanently increase the capabilities of the wicked hood when purchased; some new, magical staves; and a pouch with a huge capacity of 18 essences! Game developers are adding some ways to get extra spins on Squeal of Fortune simply by playing RuneScape, including some opportunities exclusive to members. You’ll be able to get them as monster drops, through non-combat skilling, as quest rewards, and more! 

Players will have access to multiple action bars

As mentioned previously, the action bar we are adding to the Runescape game allows the player to quickly access the features they want to use, rather than force them to navigate between tabs to find them. This means more time engaging with combat itself, not the interfaces that contain the right buttons. Players will load the 12 slot action bar with all the abilities, potions, food, prayers, spells etc they want to, and have all the features they wish to use in one place. It’s really easy to set up your action bar and define your own hotkeys to access the bar, and once defined it can be locked, remaining the same until you decide to change it. Players will also have access to multiple action bars, so you can define your optimum setup for whatever situation you find yourself in, even outside of combat.

Those players who truly master the new abilities, equipment rebalancing and target-strengths and weaknesses will find new rewards from the game, not only in terms of fun, but also in treasure and progression. Players who master the system will have the best rates available through combat. As part of our ongoing effort to combat, this update also contains additional adjustments to the engine which will significantly disrupt bots. To bring us back to the idea of gaming skill that I was discussing at the beginning of this blog, we are building a system to reward the player who makes good use of their knowledge and understanding of combat.

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Allows you to preview various items and animations

Solomon is a genie of exquisite taste and distinction has a plethora of exclusive merchandise to enhance your characters appearance, and is offering them for purchase in his boutique: Solomon’s General Store. There are costumes become a cunning Assassin or a debonair swashbuckler, and visual enhancements for your weapons, how about a Pactbreaker longsword? There are also animations that change how you skill and teleport; a variety of emotes; and a host of new titles. Last, but certainly not least, a banner that allows you to stamp your mark on Gielinor! Free players and members alike will have access to this store from within the game, and as a celebration of his store’s ‘Grand Opening’, Solomon is offering all first time visitors to his store 200 RuneCoins to spend.

That’s on top of the 10% that all members receive in the store – permanently! Alongside Solomon’s General Store is the new Customisation System. This lets you change your appearance without losing the stats from your regular worn items, set up new animation overrides and manage your titles. It also allows you to preview the various items and animations available in Solomon’s General Store, so you can view them on your character before making a purchase. This dressing room even lets you save costume combinations for the future. The Customization System can be accessed at any time from your Worn Equipment tab.

Runecoins are a new currency that we’ve introduced purely for Solomon’s General Store and they’re available for purchase through the Jagex billing system, accessed either here or via the Buy Runecoins button from inside the Store itself. And remember for members, have a discount on all items available in the Store! Please note that that items purchased from the store are untradeable. Take a look at Help Guide if you have further questions, or drop into the forums to let know what items you’d love to see next. The Scream emote is now available in the members Loyalty Program store at the discounted price loyalty points. 

Characters can change around their skills as desired

Auriel is the Archangel of Hope. She is the “voice of reason” in the Council, and often must break up Tyrael and Imperius when they fight. It is Auriel who brings hope to the Heavens, and if she should ever be captured or killed, Heaven will fall in despair. Auriel is closest to Itherael. Malthael is the Archangel of Wisdom. It is said when he speaks, everyone stops to listen his teachings. He used to be the leader of the Council, until Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone. He could not fathom this event, and left the Council saying “In the end, only I will prevail”. He now wanders the endless halls of Pandemonium, hoping to find answers to the Universe.

Itherael is the Archangel of Fate. He interprets the Scroll of Fate, seeing the endless possibilites to outcomes in life. Itherael is the only person that can read the Scroll. Itherael cannot see humans, because they were never meant to exist, but he can see nephalem. He is closest to Auriel. If you are looking for the Basics Section of the wiki, you can find that in the Basics Category. In Diablo II, a character was unable to change their skills and stats once they were allocated. If you made any mistake, the only solution was to reroll. This is changed in Diablo 3, and characters can change around their skills as desired, with only minimal cooldowns to prevent this being done exploitatively.

The biggest change to Diablo 3 attributes is their change to an automatically-allocated system. Players can not set their skill points, and instead gain 1 or 2 points in the four attributes with every level up. The Diablo 3 developers felt the stat allocation in Diablo II was a poor way to provide character customization since players either experimented and “ruined’ their character with sub-optimal choices, or else followed a cookie cutter style of build. In the early days of Diablo 3, an inventory-like game system called the Talisman was stocked with items called charms, which added large bonuses to stats, but that system was shelved during development. Another system to add specific attributes was enchants provided by the Mystic, but that system and the Mystic were also removed during development. 

The introduction of a World of warcraft guide

The wetlands had always been largely avoided by the orcs, and for good reason. The entire region was covered with shallow, brackish water; many of the flora and fauna were poisonous if not properly prepared; and many of the larger wetland creatures would eat anything that did not eat them first. As Nobundo navigated several towering giant mushrooms, he heard raised voices: a commotion near the edge of camp. He hurried to see what was happening. Three battered draenei, two male and one female, were being assisted by camp members past the perimeter guards. Another, unconscious, was carried behind them. Nobundo shot a questioning glance to one of the guards, who responded to the unspoken enquiry: “Survivors from Shattrath.”

Galvanized, Nobundo followed the party back to the caves, where the survivors were carefully laid down on blankets. Rolc laid his hands on the unconscious one first, but was unable to awaken him. Rolc came and shushed her. “Just relax. You are among friends now. Everything is going to be fine.” Nobundo wondered. Would everything be fine? Orcish hunting parties had already discovered one camp and wiped it out. And these four, how had they survived? What horrors had the female witnessed? What had driven the unconscious one to his catatonic state? Even more, the way they looked and behaved… Nobundo wondered if their injuries went beyond the physical: they appeared drained, dispirited. They looked the way he felt.

Several days later the survivors had recovered sufficiently for Nobundo to feel comfortable asking them about Shattrath. The female, Korin, spoke first. Her voice broke as she recounted the experience. “We were lucky. We stayed deep in the mountain, in one of the few hiding places that remained undiscovered… at least for the most part.” Nobundo looked puzzled. “At one point a band of the green-skinned monsters found us. The battle that followed was… I have never seen such things. Four of the men who had volunteered to defend our group were slaughtered, but they killed many of the orcs as well. Finally only Herac and Estes were left. They killed the brutal creatures that remained. They were savage beasts. And those eyes, those terrible eyes…” Korin shuddered at the memory. 

Attacking the supreme champions will earn you extra points

Beleaguered site foreman Oomad Arrow needs all hands on deck. Free players and members alike can pitch in, making medals, producing construction components (only for members), and creating fine fusion cuisine; all vital for making the Gielinor Games an event to remember. Speak to Oomad Arrow in Varrock square to get started. You can complete each of these three tasks once per day, each day until the Gielinor Games begin. You’ll earn plenty of Smithing, Mining, Cooking and Construction XP (for members) for helping out, as well as contribution points, which can be spent on some athletically themed rewards once the games kick off. Be sure to visit Oomad’s shop for a sneak preview!

To create the bolts: 93 Fletching 85 Woodcutting You must buy bolt tips from Mami Rimba, as these cannot be made separately. Once you have cut the logs, you must fletch the bolt shafts and add the tips while remaining close to the tree. The logs or unfinished bolts will disintegrate if taken away. To use the bolts: 80 Ranged Rune or chaotic crossbow. Attacking the supreme champions will earn you extra points, and claiming the weapons will earn you an increased rate of trophy bones, which can be used to purchase some fun rewards from Marv at the Crucible’s entrance. A Clan Citadel must be owned by 5 clanmates or more, otherwise the Citadel becomes inaccessible after the next build tick until such a time that the clan regains those 5 clanmates.

You can now access the Slayer rewards shop without having completed Smoking Kills. However, you must still have completed the quest to buy anything other than the new co-op rewards. If you’ve had your private chat settings set to ‘off’ for a very long time, you may find that Slayer group invites are not blocked. To fix this, simply change your private chat to another setting, and then change it back to ‘off’. Discuss this here. View the Patch Notes Archive here. In this brand new quest, available to all members and with no entry requirements, you’ll be able to gain access to a new upgradeable crossbow and several hidden XP rewards while trying to free the innocents from the grip of this most crippling condition.