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POE 3.9 Glacial Hammer Berserker Build – Budget Friendly League Starter

INTRO: Hi, and welcome to my first build guide in POE 3.9, Glacial Hammer Berserker! This build is based on the Glacial Hammer strike skill and (Marauder class)Berserker ascendancy. It’s complete off-meta build with a skill that is played by such a small number of players. How about crushing the end-game without any Shaped/Elder items, ….  Read More

Major 7 Poe Situations Quantity of Entries Map

The following list enumerates the prime ten areas which happen to be entered 1 of your most throughout the past week around the Incursion League. We’re pretty satisfied to view that a lot of players are engaging collectively with all the league and finding into the Temple of Atzoatl. We’re guessing that if it has ….  Read More

GGG May Run A Path Of Exile Convention In New Zealand

Are you interested in flying to New Zealand to attend PoE convention? Yes, you did not hear wrong. GGG have recently been considering the idea of running a Path of Exile convention in New Zealand late next year, as a great opportunity to meet their fans and to announce 4.0.0. As these events take a ….  Read More

Changes I Would love To See with Bestiary in Standard – PoE

Following up to the nice video Octavian did about clarity vs. obscurity and tidyness vs. convoluted, I thought about the fact that come a few eeks time Bestiary will probably sigh go to standard. I liked the Beastiality League in it’s final itteration, but it is far from the best league we ever had. Most ….  Read More

Do You Know Deal With The Bandits In PoE

In Path of Exile, there are 3 different bandit leaders which you can either side with or kill in order to get different rewards. You will get this quest after you finish Through Sacred Ground and Intruders in Black quests, poe trade currency is an integral part of the game. Kraityn: Located in Broken Bridge (entrance located in ….  Read More

Path of Exile – Boss Fights Difficulty in this Game

I’m like level 60-65 right now and I have a lot of fun clearing map locations – it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge but mostly I go through them without big issues. Once I reach a boss fight however, the game experience transforms into a nightmare, i.e., most of them kill me with one ….  Read More

Chaos Recipe for the Middle Class – How To Do It Properly in Detail – PoE

This is the biggest part of what makes or breaks doing the Chaos Recipe efficiently. Again, the principle here is that we never want to be manually “click-dragging” items around – instead, we set up the tab to fully self-organise by way of ctrl+click spamming. Inventory micromanagement is the biggest thing that gives the Chaos ….  Read More

PoE: The Arc Witch Doesn’t Need To Be A Very Crit-Heavy Build!

Understandably, when each cast of the skill is bouncing around and hitting as much as 11 different opponents, the DPS can also add up rather rapidly. Keep in mind that the DPS reflected within the tooltip isn’t suggesting the entire story. The tooltip DPS is for everybody enemy hit, so you should multiply the tooltip ….  Read More