Month: November 2016

NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 11 Answers And Free VC

Since the latest talks of NBA 2K17 to join the spotlight is the MyPark update, the newest 2KTV highlight become the Thanksgiving Special: Park After Dark details. In this episode, NBA 2K17 play-by-play announcer and legend Kevin Harlan talks about being part of the 2K family for nearly 10 years and how he comes up ….  Read More

Albion Online: 60,000 Players With The Status Of Founder

Due to Sandbox MMP concept based on harvesting, trading, interactions between players and PvP on a large scale, for Albion Online, it’s targeted at a public of players willing to invest for long hours in community to hope to take The control of as many zones as possible to manage the economics of the game. ….  Read More

Albion Online Update: Artefact System Details

The final beta of the MMO Albion Online have been released for more than a few days, from the start of August 1, the game will utilize chance to enrich itself with many novelties, a system of objects specialized on artifacts was also included. Now that more and more players are yearn for buy cheap ….  Read More

NBA 2K17 Free Throw: How To Boost Throw Rating

In NBA 2K17, increasing most of the attributes ratings is very important if you want to create a real superstar in MyPlayer. NBA 2K17, as we know there are many differences compared to 2K16, one of the changes in the MyPlayer mode for 2K17 is the Free Throw rating can no longer be increased with ….  Read More

MapleStory Training Spots Guide: From Level 1 To 200

This topic is mainly about the spots where gamers can level up quickly in Maplestory. LEVEL : SUGGESTIONS (LOCATION) 1-10 : Any monsters / MapleStory Storyline Quest / Maple Island Quest 10-30 : Wanted Green, Horny, Blue, Zombie Mushroom Quests (Henesys) 10-15 : Blue Mushroom 15-17 : New Leaf City Mayor Quest (NLC) 10-18 : ….  Read More