Month: December 2013

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The look back of Runescape in 2013

Looking back at 2013, it really struck us what a massive year it’s been for RuneScape.It’s hard to believe that in the space of a year there’s been two epic scale world events; a new age in RuneScape’s story; a brand new skill; several high-end bosses; an overhaul to the game’s interfaces; and some truly ….  Read More

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Runescape making money skills – Mining+Smithing

Game inside the mines, banks , furnace and anvil surprisingly far, it is impossible simultaneously. The most effective approach is quite close to the bank in a place away from the mining and then deposited into the bank. After a certain amount of digging to Al-Kharid to carry out smelting, to smithing went to Varrock ….  Read More

One of the Christmas tasks RS-Festive Crackers

Christmas has a lot of exciting activities, such as Festive Crackers,The Blessing of Winter.Don’t forget that the Festive Aura is available to all members throughout December, giving +50% to XP gain for up to 30 minutes per day! It also counts towards your Blessing of Winter during the 15 Days of Christmas. Grab one from ….  Read More

RuneScape 3,A new chapter in the epic saga of the RuneScape game

Developer Jagex today announced that its free MMORPG web game “RuneScape 3” formally launched and announced the official on-line videos. Developed a large role played by Jagex page tour “RuneScape” Since the 2001 launch , with a rich adventure to explore, collect resources , manufacture , tasks , PVP and festivals like being welcomed by ….  Read More

RS summon spirit gems

You will find three soul gems – Sapphire spirit, the spirit of the spirit of emeralds and rubies – the game drops : lasting addition to RUNESCAPE. In contrast to 3 – the spirit of the diamond , mental and spiritual dragonstones Agate – can accommodate more uncharged bag, but you will not see them ….  Read More

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RS would be so popular reason

“RuneScape” is jagex LTD developed a real web JAVA online game , the game is in English, in China there are a small number of players , there is no Chinese version of the game without a separate download the client , if the computer did not install java controls, the initial landing game , ….  Read More