Month: August 2013

FFXIV:Grand producer q&a interview

A) what is the current localization version of completion, please? When can you open? ▼ yoshida, Due to the Chinese version of the translation work in parallel of the localization and international service, So the translation of the complete degree and international clothing is completely consistent. And overall progress has completed 80%, so stay tuned ….  Read More

Getting up to speed on FFXIV as it is

If you’re just joining us after a rousing session of Final Fantasy XIV, this column may not exactly be for you because this week isn’t about speculation; it’s about discussing the many things that people don’t like about Final Fantasy XIV which either no longer exist or are known to be removed in version 2.0. ….  Read More

Lessons from Guild Wars 2 for Final Fantasy XIV

If you read all of the columns I write in a given week, then I believe that you’re a wholly fictional creature. But beyond that, you’ll remember that my Wednesday column was all about the systems that City of Heroes could comfortably borrow from Guild Wars 2. You may also be expecting the same sort ….  Read More

Reacting to FFXIV’s relaunch information

Not so long ago I was getting upset at a lack of hard information on Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch. (All right, I was getting upset at a lack of hard information on stuff to make people currently long gone care about the game, but that was tied into a lack of hard information.) Over the ….  Read More

Final Fantasy XIV shows off A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation

 If you chat to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV Gil message. When Final Fantasy XIV first launched, it was with the promise of a PlayStation 3 version in the near future. That was before the game underwent numerous staff changes, and after two years, it may have seemed to fans as if the game would ….  Read More

Final Fantasy XIV: set-up

Job unlocks, class starting locations, spiritbonds, and more discussed as Ragar goes through what you’ll need to know for Open Beta and Early Access If you chat to learn more about FFXIV Power leveling message. Almost two years after it was announced, the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is almost here. I’ve enjoyed ….  Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer

Today Square Enix broadcasted  the sixth installment of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live webcast, starring Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida as he responded to quite a few questions from the fans, read by Community Manager Toshio Murouchi. Square Enix President and CEO Yoichi Wada also attended for a ….  Read More

World of Warcraft $10 of the Battle Chest on sale

Do you want to learn more about valor points power leveling ? Are you one of the five people on the planet who does not own World of Warcraft in some form? It’s kind of been a big deal for the past several years. Having established that you do not already own the game, would ….  Read More